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Week Two XFL Quarterback Rankings

The XFL Season is finally here, and fans of the league have waited three long years for some of their favorite teams to take the field this past weekend. After doing my original rankings before the season, and then redoing the list via YouTube, it’s time to continue to analyze and adjust our rankings on a weekly basis. 13 of the 24 XFL Quarterbacks played this weekend with Nine, taking significant passing attempts. This week we at XFL News Hub rank our XFL Quarterbacks, the league’s first week of play.

Honorable Mention:

Steven Montez (11), D’Eriq King (15), and Cole McDonald (10), all get honorable mentions this week. All three played sparingly with McDonald not even throwing a pass but being utilized on 2-Pt conversions and in the option attack. While D’Eriq King was also utilized in 2-pt conversion situations and ultimately took over for Jordan Ta’amu late in the game. With the sample size on all three Quarterbacks too small they will be not included in this week’s rankings after one week of play.

9. Jordan Ta’amu DC Defenders Preseason Ranking #1

Stats: 8/19 86 Passing Yards 0 TDs 1 INT, 5 Rushing Attempts 9 Rushing Yards 1 Rushing TD

This is painful to write but it’s crucial to be fair. Does this one game ruin Ta’amu, who was the preseason #1 ranked Quarterback? Probably no, but after an abysmal performance in week one, Ta’amu is now on the path for redemption moving forward. Ta’amu looked overmatched, and a bit rusty against Ron Zook’s Defense. Even with his elite rushing ability he only mustered 9 yards on 5 attempts. Moving forward, Ta’amu should be given another opportunity to succeed especially with the Defenders Defense keeping them in games but look for Eric Dungey or D’Eriq King to be more involved for Week Two.

8. Quinten Dormady Orlando Guardians Preseason Ranking Unranked

Stats: 12/18 142 Passing Yards 1 TD 2 INT 0 Rushing Attempts 0 Rushing Yards

Dormady was thrown into the fire against the Roughnecks, after some average play by Paxton Lynch, Dormady who was unranked in the preseason rankings was surprising the 2nd String QB for the Guardians going into Week One and did have some nice moments in his pro debut. Outside of his touchdown to FCF Andrew Jamiel, Dormady didn’t do much to impress throwing two interceptions, along with two other passes that were dropped by Roughnecks defenders.

7. Paxton Lynch Orlando Guardians Preseason Ranking #8

Stats: 15/21 136 Passing Yards 1 TD 1 INT 1 Rushing Attempt 0 Rushing Yards

Lynch was doing a good job, early on moving the ball against Wade Phillips Roughnecks Defense. Sadly, the Cinderella story ended a bit prematurely, as Lynch was on the run making ill-advised throws, while constantly under pressure. Lynch did find a solid connection with Cody Latimer however, a quick hook from Head Coach Terrell Buckley didn’t allow Lynch to get into a grove and it looks like the Guardians will continue rotating Quarterbacks throughout the season, with Deondre Francois looking to receive playing time in Week Two.

6. Drew Plitt Arlington Renegades Preseason Ranking #12

Stats: 19/25 172 Passing Yards 0 TD 1 INT 5 Rushing Attempts 16 Rushing Yards

A true rookie making his Pro Debut, Plitt got off to a slow start in the opening game of the 2023 XFL season. After multiple turnovers Plitt did settle down in the second half, and let his defense win the game for him due to two Luis Perez interceptions. With Plitt continuing to grow and the Renegades having some breathing room starting 1-0, look for Plitt to hoping to improve in his Week two appearance, with Kyle Sloter patiently, waiting on the bench.

Photo Credit Twitter Account <a href=httpstwittercomUTAShorthorn target= blank rel=noopener title=The Shorthorn>The Shorthorn<a>

5. Jack Coan San Antonio Brahmas Preseason Ranking #11

Stats: 25/36 207 Passing Yards 1 TD 1 INT 4 Rushing Attempts 10 Rushing Yards

Coan, was another true rookie to make his pro debut in Week One. While he managed to perform serviceable, his two turnovers were his Achillies heel on why he wasn’t higher on our list. Despite having the ball for almost 40 minutes, and running 77 plays, Coan led the Brahmas to only 15 points, even with an above average running game that went over 100 yards. Moving forward Coan is in a similar situation to Drew Plitt in which he is still growing and gaining experience. For the Brahmas, Coan needs to limit his mistakes and utilize his playmakers coupled with the rushing duo of Kalen Ballage and Jacques Patrick in an effort to maximize his potential.

4.Ben DiNucci Seattle Sea Dragons Preseason Ranking #4

Stats: 35/54 282 Passing Yards 1 TD 1 INT 3 Rushing Attempts 3 Rushing Yards

DiNucci started off hot, doing his best Patrick Mahomes impression, to Josh Gordon in the Sea Dragons first quarter, however three turnovers (including on the goal line), faltered his ranking from being higher. DiNucci did almost pass for 300 yards and does lead the XFL in passing after one week, however the former Dallas Cowboy was at times erratic with the football, and maybe even careless. Due to average performances by the Quarterbacks behind him DiNucci stays at number 4 going into Week Two, however if he limits his turnovers could easily bump up a spot or two, and end the season, as a Top 3 Quarterback.

3. Luis Perez Vegas Vipers Preseason Rankings #6

Stats: 22/36 249 Passing Yards 3 TDs 2 INTs 0 Rushing Attempts 0 Rushing Yards

Perez gets a bit of slack, in addition to benefitting from some average play from the other Quarterbacks, while DiNucci and Perez did both have game sealing turnovers, Perez’s experience and 1st half connection with Jeff Badet puts him above DiNucci for week one. Perez was flying high and retaining his crown as the Spring King, until two detrimental interceptions to Renegades defensive players that ultimately lost the game for the Vipers. It’s unclear if Perez starts Week Two, as Hundley spends another week in the system learning the playbook and was active for Week One. Regardless Perez’s three touchdowns do merit some recognition and praise, as he did play a rather clean game until wheels came off the truck later in the 2nd half.

Luis Perez 12 warming up for the Vegas Vipers

2. Brandon Silvers Houston Roughnecks Preseason Ranking #7

Stats: 26/42 272 Passing Yards 2 TDs 2 INTs 2 Rushing Attempts 0 Rushing Yards

The heir to the title “Spring King”, Silvers like many of the Spring Quarterbacks started off real hot. After finding dynamic connections Deontay Burnett and Jontre Kirklin, Silvers cooled off a bit throwing two interceptions, however, was able to cruise control the Roughnecks Offense to a 33-12 victory in Week One. Look for Silvers to continue to grow in Week Two with another week working with his old buddy Offensive Coordinator AJ Smith throughout the year.

1. A.J. McCarron St. Louis Battlehawks Preseason Ranking #3

Stats: 18/26 190 Passing Yards 2 TDs 0 INTs 4 Rushing Attempts 12 Rushing Yards

What a whirlwind of emotions for AJ McCarron. As I began drafting this list, I had AJ at 7 or 8, and the final three minutes of the game changed my mind. McCarron was on the run for most of the game and outside of One 40-yard rush by Brian Hill, didn’t get much help from the rushing attack. But AJ played smart didn’t turn the ball over and when the chips were on the line, the former National Champion showed up. McCarron was 11/13 in just the Fourth Quarter throwing two touchdowns, a conversion, and a crucial 4th and 15 to Austin Proehl, enroute to come from behind win against the Brahmas. McCarron who was ranked number 3 to start the season, played a clean game, and showed veteran poise for the young Battlehawks last Sunday, giving his team a chance to win the game. Obviously when given that chance McCarron shined and the Battlehawks are now 1-0 going into Thursday against the 0-1 Sea Dragons.

For a deeper look into the QB Rankings check out the video below:

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Pat Rifino is a former Security Contractor turned writer. He began his writing career talking about geo-politics, and the defense industry. Now Pat writes about alt-league football, while hanging with his dogs in his off time.

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