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Updated List Of Former XFL Players On 2021 CFL Rosters

Life after the XFL in 2020 for many who played in the league has not been easy, but many of its players have taken different paths to continue their pro-playing careers. And one of those paths, the CFL, is about to reopen.

Over 30 XFL players who played in the league in 2020 are currently on NFL rosters. Players like Carolina Panthers QB PJ Walker, Washington QB Taylor Heinicke, Los Angeles Chargers TE Donald Parham Jr and Carolina Panthers fifth-round draft pick Safety Kenny Robinson.

In the past, The options have always been limited for American-born pro football players, who end up on the outside of the NFL looking in. The CFL has always been a safe haven for pro football players seeking to continue their careers. Still, the times could be changing with the return of the USFL, eventually the XFL, and many other leagues that could look to inhabit the American pro football landscape in the future.

But for now, In 2021, the best option for players outside of the NFL remains the Canadian Football League.

Back in 2020, when the pandemic hit, the XFL players who did not sign onto NFL rosters gazed their sights on the great football league up north. Several players latched onto Canadian teams hoping that the CFL would be able to brave the pitfalls of the pandemic, but unfortunately, the CFL had to cancel their 2020 season.

Fast forward to a year later, and despite all the hurdles, uncertainty, and tribulation in the time since, the CFL is days away from announcing the return of their league, with their 2021 season kicking off on August 5th.

American football players on CFL rosters have been in contact with their respective teams. Many players have been told to arrive and report to Canada on July 2nd for quarantine before starting camp and preparations for the coming season on roughly July 10th.

As of June 10th, 83 players who were a part of the XFL, in some form or fashion, have signed on with CFL teams.

It’s worth noting that the CFL has a ‘Game Rule Ratio’ in place for their team’s rosters. The rule limits how many American players are allowed on rosters when the season starts.

Because of the unique circumstances surrounding the upcoming shortened CFL season. The new guidelines will make things even more challenging for International players in their hopes of making a roster.

On game days, Each CFL team may have a maximum of 44 players, including two players who shall be identified as quarterbacks and 42 other players, of whom no more than 20 can be American players.

So with that in mind, it could limit how many of these XFL players end up making CFL regular-season rosters. It’s a rule that the CFL has had in place for a long time now to protect its homegrown sport and national players.

The odds are always against American players in gaining entry onto regular-season CFL rosters. So the overall list will be significantly reduced when the season starts.

For XFL fans, this is a list of players to keep track of during the CFL season. I suspect that many XFL enthusiasts will be turning their attention to the Canadian game due to the recent talks between both leagues and because of their familiarity with these players.

Former XFL Players On 2021 CFL Rosters (84)

BC Lions (6)

RB- James Butler- Houston Roughnecks

WR- Jazz Ferguson- Dallas Renegades

OL- Kent Perkins- St. Louis BattleHawks

DE- Obum Gwacham- Tampa Bay Vipers

CB- Ajene Harris- Houston Roughnecks

DB-Nydair Rouse- New York Guardians

Calgary Stampeders (11)

RB- Brandon Wilds- Tampa Bay Vipers/Team 9

RB- Trey Williams- Seattle Dragons

WR- Dan Williams- Tampa Bay Vipers

WR- Nick Holley- Houston Roughnecks

WR- Bernard Reedy- New York Guardians

OL- Jordan Morgan- DC Defenders

DE- Jarrell Owens- New York Guardians

DE- Tarvaris Barnes- DC Defenders

LB- Jameer Thurman- DC Defenders

S- Marcellis Branch- Tampa Bay Vipers

S- Trae Elston- Houston Roughnecks

Edmonton Elks (8)

Head Coach- Jaime Elizondo- Tampa Bay Vipers OC

QB- Taylor Cornelius- Tampa Bay Vipers

WR- Jalen Tolliver- Tampa Bay Vipers

WR- Armanti Edwards- Dallas Renegades

OT- De’Ondre Wesley (DC Defenders)

OL- Derek Dennis- New York Guardians (Retired)

DE- James Folston- Dallas Renegades

DE- Andrew Ankrah- St. Louis BattleHawks

S- Robert Priester- Tampa Bay Vipers

Saskatchewan Roughriders (8)

WR- Sammie Coates- Houston Roughnecks

WR- Demarcus Ayers- New York Guardians

WR- Kermit Whitfield- Los Angeles Wildcats

OL- Cyrus Kouandjio- New York Guardians

DE- Markus Jones- St. Louis/Dallas/Team 9

LB- Demarquis Gates- Houston Roughnecks

CB- Jeremy Clark- Seattle Dragons

S- AJ Hendy- New York Guardians

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (12)

WR- Carlton Agudosi- St. Louis BattleHawks

WR- Davon Grayson- St. Louis BattleHawks

WR- Alonzo Russell- St. Louis BattleHawks

WR- Mekale McKay- New York Guardians

WR- Blake Jackson- Houston Roughnecks

OT- Terry Poole- Houston Roughnecks

DL- Ricky Walker- Tampa Bay Vipers

CB- Ranthony Texada- New York Guardians

CB- Deatrick Nichols- Houston Roughnecks

CB- Marwin Evans- Dallas Renegades

CB- Terrence Alexander- New York Guardians

S- Demetrious Cox- New York Guardians

DB- Jeremiah Johnson- Houston Roughnecks

Hamilton Tiger-Cats (10)

WR- Cam Phillips- Houston Roughnecks

WR- Dontez Byrd- Seattle Dragons

WR- Steven Dunbar- Dallas Renegades

WR- Kahlil Lewis- Houston Roughnecks

OL- John Yarbrough- Tampa Bay Vipers

LB/S/KR- Joe Powell- St. Louis BattleHawks

CB- Channing Stribling- Seattle Dragons

DB- Reggie Cole- DC Defenders

CB- Desmond Lawrence- DC Defenders

CB- Herb Waters- Tampa Bay Vipers

Montreal Alouettes (10)

RB- Cameron Artis-Payne- Dallas Renegades

WR- Eli Rogers- DC Defenders

WR- Rashad Ross- DC Defenders

WR- Nelson Spruce- Los Angeles Wildcats

WR- Jordan Lasley- St. Louis BattleHawks

WR- Teo Reddick- New York Guardians

OL- Cole Boozer- DC Defenders

LB- Tre Watson- Dallas Renegades

CB- Jermaine Ponder- Seattle Dragons

CB- Prince Charles Iworah- (Team 9)

DB- Wesley Sutton- New York Guardians

Toronto Argonauts (13)

RB- Matt Colburn- New York Guardians

WR- Daniel Braverman- St. Louis BattleHawks

WR- Keyarris Garrett- Los Angeles Wildcats

OL- Dejon Allen- St. Louis BattleHawks/New York Guardians

DE- Shawn Oakman- Los Angeles Wildcats

DE- Kony Ealy- Houston Roughnecks

DE- Dewayne Hendrix- St. Louis Battlehawks

DT- Khyri Thornton- St. Louis BattleHawks

LB- Reshard Cliett- Dallas Renegades

LB/S- Dexter McCoil Sr.- St. Louis BattleHawks

S- Andrew Soroh- New York Guardians

DB- Tavarus McFadden- Tampa Bay Vipers

S- Treston DeCoud- Dallas Renegades

Ottawa REDBLACKS (8)

QB- Chase Litton- Tampa Bay Vipers/Seattle Dragons

QB- Taryn Christion- Los Angeles Wildcats

OL- Na’Ty Rodgers- Tampa Bay Vipers

WR- Jalen Saunders- Houston Roughnecks

LB– D’Juan Hines- New York Guardians

LB- Jawaun Johnson-New York Guardians

CB- Jonathan Alston- Seattle Dragons

DB- Shamarko Thomas- DC Defenders/New York Guardians

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I am a pro football writer who has extensively covered and reported on multiple leagues over the years. I started covering the XFL back in 2001. You can follow me on Twitter @byMikeMitchell

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