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Hal Mumme Talks The Spring League, Air Raid, USFL, XFL, Fun of Coaching

Recently we talked about an interview Linemen HC Hal Mumme gave where he spoke about The Spring League and the USFL. Now, coach Mumme has spoken to the guys at The Markcast, this was that interview.

Mumme began talking about how he came to be in The Spring League, or more aptly, how close he came to NOT being part of it.

“He [Brian Woods] had offered it to June Jones, but June was in Honolulu and didn’t want to spend two months in Indianapolis. So he recommended me.”

Hal Mumme

They went on to win the Mega Bowl, so I’d say him and the players got blessed, although coach Jones is one of the best to do it as well.

Mumme says he was given a list of players, bit his first choice was QB Ryan Willis. Willis went on to win Mega Bowl MVP. And he brought in international and domestic veteran QB Stan Bedwell.

And then it dawned on me that if I bring Stan [Bedwell] in as the backup quarterback, he’ll end up rooming with Ryan and coach him up all day long. So that’s what we did. And I think there was a lot of skepticism at first about bringing a 36 year old guy who’s five nine to be the backup quarterback. But Stan got he got a we got way ahead of one team and he got about a quarter to play or so and did a real nice job, threw a touchdown pass.

Hal Mumme

He also talked about the unique team he had in TSL, the short time they had, limited practices, and living in a bubble-rype of situation, thing can seem to get crazy. And in a developmental league, with everyone fighting for a shot to make it in the pro game, egos can get in the way.

But not this team, coach said:

“Our guys were a unique group and and so when and it was you know, I can truly say that that championship game, there was just one focus and I was just to get the trophy. And there wasn’t there wasn’t a lot of selfish people on that team.”


When people think Hal Mumme, they think the Air Raid offense, what he’s accomplished over his career, and the towel. He explains why he uses it:

“That’s always the first question I get. I’ll tell you, I always had a towel around because I have really bad sinuses and I spent a lot and and so I would keep on it.”

As for what’s next, Mumme would like to be part of the USFL, bit he’s also not turned away a chance to get back to the XFL:

“Oh, I think it’s a brilliant move for him to do what he’s doing. And I certainly would like to be part of [it].”

Mumme also said he’s interested in what Dany Garcia and The Rock have going with the XFL in 2023.

One of the scenes that many XFL fans remember, where Mumme fractured his leg on the sidelines, during a Dallas Renegades game, but it seems like it’s healed up nicely:

“Oh, it healed up pretty nicely. It was the hardest part was I broke the parts of SAC, which caused a swelling. And that was really, really pretty bad for about a month. And then the fracture was actually just a hairline on the top of the tibia. So it is fueled up on solid pretty nicely.”

Hal Mumme is one of those coaches that changes the game in a positive way. His offensive system has evolved into most of what you see in the NFL today, and coaches are lining up to get Air Raid Certified. Coach explains how he is spending his time now, waiting to see what’s next:

“Well, I’m I’m working on I’m tutoring some guys here in the Dallas area and some quarterbacks and receivers. So I’ve been kind of kicking back and taking it easy. After living in a hotel suite in Indianapolis for eight weeks, it’s been fun to be back home and cook our own meals and stuff.”

It’s always fun to have him around, on and off the field. We hope to see him stalking the sidelines soon, no matter where he might land.

Full Interview

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. 4th&long

    July 18, 2021 at 5:07 pm

    Josh – Good Article – When Reid asked… With a crowded spring FB market where you want to coach…, Hal responded “I wanna do the USFL”. He also said TSL player were “probably on par with XFL or Canada”. And that he has not been contacted by the XFL. I’d like to see more TSL coach interviews, XFL too. Hopefully team XFLNEWSHUB can do more.

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