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Complete Breakdown Of All XFL Players Cut On NFL Cut Down Day

Saturday marks the end of the NFL journey for some XFL players.

NFL teams have to trim their rosters down from 80 players to 53 players Saturday to comply with NFL rules. Football fans will recognize some of the names cut as they played last season in the XFL. While it won’t be an easy day for XFL players getting cut, there is hope that they can continue their football careers in the XFL.

Here is a list of the XFL players that were cut by NFL teams. One thing to note with these players is if they don’t get claimed by an NFL team through waivers. Fans could see these players stay on NFL teams on their practice squad.

XFL Players Cut by NFL Teams at Deadline

Cam Phillips, Carolina Panthers

Cam Phillips had been with the Carolina Panthers since last week and never really had a chance to compete for a job on the roster. It’s a tough break for the XFL’s leading receiver as he returns to free agency. For the XFL and the Houston Roughnecks, they would be more than happy to have him back on the roster.

Jordan Ta’amu, Kansas City Chiefs

Jordan Ta’amu had been receiving praise from Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and backup quarterback Chad Henne for his performance during training camp. His release is somewhat a surprise and not so much since Kansas City will try to keep him in some way. It appears that the Chiefs will most likely bring him back on their practice squad if he is not claimed by another team. There is still a good chance Ta’amu doesn’t play in a BattleHawks uniform should the XFL play in 2021.

De’Mornay Pierson-El, Las Vegas Raiders

De’Mornay Pierson-El was looking good during training camp and had the potential to be the Las Vegas Raiders’ slot receiver. Despite being released, there is still a chance he gets a spot on their practice squad. The BattleHawks appear to be without their starting quarterback, but having one of their top receivers back would help the next quarterback in line.

Dravon Askew-Henry, New York Giants

Reports out of New York Giants camp had Dravon Askew-Henry potentially making the team with a lack of depth at defensive back. After the signing of Logan Ryan, that made things tough for Askew-Henry to make the active roster. It’s not known whether he will be a practice squad addition for the Giants, but the Guardians wouldn’t mind having him back in one of the best secondaries in the XFL.

Cavon Walker, Pittsburgh Steelers

Cavon Walker was one of the first XFL players signed to an NFL team after leading the XFL in sacks last season. Unfortunately for the big defensive tackle, the Pittsburgh Steelers had too much depth on the line to keep him. If he doesn’t get signed or brought back to Pittsburgh, this would be a major win for the New York Guardians. Walker was relied on last year to be their pass rusher at the nose tackle position. He could be back in the XFL making life for quarterbacks miserable again next season.

Jon Toth, Cleveland Browns

Jon Toth had only been on the Cleveland Browns’ roster for a week before he was released on Saturday. It isn’t known what his chances are of being brought back to the Browns’s practice squad if he clears waivers. Should he not return to Cleveland, the DC Defenders would have some good depth on the offensive line with Toth potentially returning.

Jacques Patrick, Cincinnati Bengals

This move came as a surprise to many after Jacques Patrick signed a three-year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals in the offseason. Chances are Patrick is going to join Cincinnati’s practice squad if he clears waivers. Patrick was one of the leading rushers in the XFL and is a tough break for the league to potentially not see him back in Tampa Bay.

Colin Thompson, Carolina Panthers

Tampa Bay Vipers tight end Colin Thompson was added onto the list of XFL players cut by the Carolina Panthers. Thompson was competing with Chris Manhertz for the backup tight end job. Speculation is Thompson could be a good candidate for the practice squad since the Panthers are only holding two tight ends as of print time.

Nick Moore, Baltimore Ravens

Another former Tampa Bay Vipers player finds himself on the cut list. Long snapper Nick Moore was released by the Baltimore Ravens Saturday. It’s not known if he would make the practice squad, but he would be an easy candidate to return to the XFL. Long snappers are tough to find and bringing him back would be an easy choice for the Vipers and the XFL.

Saeed Blacknall, Pittsburgh Steelers

For the second time in two weeks, Saeed Blacknall was released from the Pittsburgh Steelers roster. Blacknall came on strong late for the LA Wildcats during the XFL season. It would hard to imagine that he wouldn’t be able to step in as a starter for the Wildcats next season.

DeAndre Thompkins, Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers continued their receiver roster cuts with DeAndre Thompkins. DC Defenders fans will be happy to have the receiver back as he was one of their top targets. Thompkins should step in and make an instant impact on the Defenders’ offense that will decide on what to do with their quarterback and head coach situation.

Michael Dunn, Cleveland Browns

Seattle Dragons guard Michael Dunn joined Jon Toth as offensive linemen who were cut by the Cleveland Browns Saturday. The Browns made improvements to their offensive line the past few years so the depth was there for them. Dunn returning to the Dragons offensive line make sense since they were dominate in run blocking.

Josh Hawkins, Atlanta Falcons

With tough competition in the secondary, Dallas Renegades cornerback Josh Hawkins did not make the Atlanta Falcons roster. After a successful run as a starter in the XFL, Hawkins will have to wait and see what happens. His skill set makes him a reliable NFL role player so it would not be a surprise if the Falcons bring him back on their practice squad.

Edmond Robinson, Atlanta Falcons

Houston Roughnecks linebacker Edmond Robinson made waves after his sack, force fumble, fumble recovery, and touchdown in the Texas Showdown against the Dallas Renegades last season. It wasn’t enough to earn him a roster spot on the Atlanta Falcons. Robinson had a strong run in the XFL which could either land him on the practice squad or bring him back to Houston in the XFL.

Jarron Jones, Pittsburgh Steelers

Jarron Jones joined his New York Guardians teammate Cavon Walker with getting cut from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Guardian fans should be excited to see some of their top players being available for the XFL to bring back. Jones has good size and played well last season in the XFL which should mean if he isn’t picked up by the NFL, he should be returning to the XFL.

Anthony Coyle, Pittsburgh Steelers

Once again, a New York Guardians offensive lineman did not make the Pittsburgh Steelers roster. Coyle will join Jones on adding to the Guardians’ strong offensive line. The XFL has to feel good about some of these Guardians players returning to the league. The only question is who will make the practice squad or will they be picked up by another team.

John Keenoy, Pittsburgh Steelers

Offensive lineman number three being released by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dallas Renegades offensive lineman John Keenoy could not make the Steelers roster. Dallas ran the ball well in the XFL last season because of their strong play on the offensive line. Their depth made them a solid unit last season.

Kahlil McKenzie, Cincinnati Bengals

Kahlil McKenzie joins fellow XFL player Patrick on being released by the Cincinnati Bengals. McKenzie played well last season despite the LA Wildcats struggling to ever get the running game going. McKenzie could be brought back in to the practice squad. If not, LA gets a key offensive player back on their roster.

Saivion Smith, Dallas Cowboys

Despite only being active in two XFL games last season, Houston Roughnecks cornerback Saivion Smith played a key role in their secondary. The Dallas Cowboys’ secondary was too crowded to keep Smith on the roster. Practice squad could be possible for Smith, but Houston would love to have Smith back in the XFL.

Zac Kerin, Tennessee Titans

A third New York Guardians offensive lineman found himself not on an NFL roster Saturday. Zac Kerin was part of the list of players released from the Tennessee Titans roster. The Guardians appear to have their offensive line reloaded with players gaining NFL experience. That should be a good sign for New York as they add more experience to their line.

Will Clarke, Detriot Lions

Coming in later than other teams, the Detroit Lions added Will Clarke to the list of XFL players getting cut. Clarke came on strong late in the season for the St. Louis BattleHawks recording eight tackles and one sack in three games. Detroit has a deep defensive line which made it hard for Clarke to make the team, but still has hope to making their practice squad.

Austin MacGinnis, Los Angeles Rams

Dallas Renegades kicker Austin MacGinnis lost the kickers job to rookie Samuel Sloman with the Los Angeles Rams. MacGinnis was considered one of the best and most consistent kickers in the XFL so this would be good news for the Dallas Renegades. MacGinnis could have a chance to be brought in for a tryout during the season, but it appears the Renegades will have their kicker back.

Tyler Gauthier, New England Patriots

St. Louis BattleHawks offensive lineman Tyler Gauthier was part of the New England Patriots cuts on Saturday. Gauthier was part of the group in St. Louis that had the best rushing attack in the XFL. The BattleHawks got to see some of their players become available which could have them poised for a great 2021 season if the XFL plays.

To stay up to date on the latest moves involving XFL players, check out our XFL to NFL player tracker on our website.

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Anthony Miller is a credential reporter and writer for XFL NewsHub. Anthony writes about the NFL, specifically the Philadelphia Eagles. Follow Anthony on Twitter @ByAnthonyMiller.

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