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The Spring League

The Spring League Week 3: Coaching Changes, COVID, Rumors Addressed

Week 3 of The Spring League did not fail us in excitement on, or off the field. We gave you the rundown of everything that happened in the games, and we’ve already told you some of the off-the-field stuff, but here is what we learned today from the league’s CEO, Brian Woods.

A little background:

Tuesday, 11/10 was supposed to be the first time the Jousters would play on FS1. That wouldn’t happen, though, as the team had players test positive for COVID-19.

HC Chuck Bresnahan canceled practices, and the players were quarantined, according to Woods.

The league moved the Wednesday game between the Conquerors and the Aviators to Tuesday night, with hopes of playing the Jousters game in its spot.

The problem with that is the Jousters had not practiced in almost 6 days, and to put them on the field with no preparation would not be fair, so the game didn’t happen, and the Jousters took a forfeit.

From what Woods described, because of a miscommunication and for health and safety reasons, Bresnahan stepped down as head coach, with offensive assistant Robert Ford taking over the duties.

Other coaches also had to leave, as some of them are considered high-risk. Former DC Defenders OT Logan Tuley-Tillman has stepped in to help the staff prepare and play the Week 4 game vs the Conquerors.

There were some conflicting reports about the testing process, and the protocols after a positive test is found, but Woods stated that everything is done similar to the NFL.

When a player tests positive using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing, them, and close contacts are then quarantined until consecutive negative tests occur.

The idea is that the team continues playing, especially since this is such a small window for the players – 4 weeks – to get film, and make a name for themselves. That couldn’t happen though in this case.

Coaches Getting Paid?

First, I need to say that this is not a retraction from our previous article about the coaches being frustrated to the point of walking off. That happened.

I was able to get a statement from Woods today about whether the coaches were getting paid on time, or at all. Woods said the payroll system had to verify checking accounts before issuing the direct deposits, which delayed the payments.

He also said that as of today all of the coaches have been paid what they’re owed, plus expenses. Hopefully, they have been.

This league has extended the dreams of playing professional football for all of these players and needs to continue doing so. Something like this happening may put that at risk.

Its also getting the coaches more experience. Being able to coach alongside guys like Ted Cotrell, Chuck Bresnahan, Jerry Glanville, Steve Fairchild, Terry Shea, and Bart Andrus is invaluable. Even June Jones stopped by to help get the Conquerors’ offense up and running.

What About the Players?

There has been some speculation about whether the players paid or not for this session. In the past, they charged a fee to be able to participate and to cover their expenses while on the road.

Woods says it’s a mixed bag. Some players did pay, while select others did not.

Week 4 Venue and Championship Game

We don’t know yet where the league will play its final week of games. They have options, but FOX has to scout the fields to be sure they can properly cover the game as they usually would.

Disney on Ice is keeping them from playing in the Alamodome next week, so, it is imperative they find a place quickly.

There is a scheduling change to Week 4; all games will be played on Tuesday, 11/18. One will not be televised, while the last two will serve as an FS1 double-header.

As for the championship game, it will be held on 12/2, back in the Alamodome.

A lot has happened just this past week, and these stories may still be developing. This is what we know thus far.

Stay with us for all of your TSL news and updates.

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