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The 1st FCF Draft Gives Us Our Week 1 Matchups

Wednesday, Fan Controlled Football had their first draft to decide which players the teams would use in Week 1. Aside from the tags, these players aren’t guaranteed to be around the whole season.

That’s part of the lore of the league. The ability to almost completely rebuild your team throughout the season as a strategy to keep ahead of the other squads.

Almost like fantasy football, setting your weekly lineup, and being able to control free agency is key to winning a championship. FCF is only a little different.

It’s LIVE.

Wild Aces vs the Glacier Boyz

The first game this Saturday is the Wild Aces vs the Glacier Boyz. Both teams locked up their QBs for the season by tagging Jackson Erdmann (Aces) and David Pindell (Glacier Boyz).

The Aces also had the number 1 overall pick, and used it to protect Erdmann with the OL unit Block Party. Glacier Boyz had the 2nd pick, and chose standout WR Andrew Jamiel.

The OLs and defenses come as units. The guys were divided into 2 squads that will stay the same throughout the year, and will play in both games.

Since the Wild Aces chose Block Party, the Glacier Boyz have the other group Dam Nation. The Aces defense is the Shut Down Squad, while GB has the Heavy Hitters.

The fans may like the Wild Aces offense, but it’s the Glacier Boyz who have the favorite defense. The Hitters have DE Donte Rumph, LB TJ Holl, and CB Roman Tatum, all were top in the evaluations.

That doesn’t mean the Shut Down Squad should be taken lightly. DL Owen Obasuyi, LB Jeremiah Dadeboh, and CB Marquill Osborne are all guys that will make a lot of plays.

Offensively, the Glacier Boyz head into Saturday’s matchup with a lot of speed, and open field threats. WRs Andrew Jamiel, Joseph Boykin, and Treydonte Hill will make QBs David Pindell and Deondre Francois’ jobs a lot easier.

SB Berkley Edwards (CMU) is a 2nd generation football stud. His dad Stanley played collegiately at Michigan, and for the Oilers and Lions in the NFL. His brother Braylon is also a former Wolverine, and was a 1st-round pick (3rd overall) for the Browns.

TE Christopher Bazile will also be a force on that Dam Nation OL unit.

There’s talent all over the field for the Glacier Boyz. But many say the Wild Aces had the best draft.

Headlined by Franchise Tagged QB, Jackson Erdmann and Co do not need for any help. WRs Douglas McNeil, Richaud Floyd, and Travis Toivonen have size and speed at their disposal.

Toivonen showed in the MAN UP! competition that he is hard to get position on, and will surely use that to his advantage. With the catch radius being so large for McNeil and Floyd, Jerdy can put the ball anywhere, and these guys can get it.

RB Calen Campbell is an all-purpose nightmare for defenses to keep in check. And let’s not forget that the Block Party also has TE David Meza as an option for Jerdy.

Beasts vs Zappers

The Beasts and the Zappers headline the Week 1 slates, set to start at 9:00pm ET.

The Zappers made headlines late in 2020 when they held the campaign to sign Heisman Trophy-winning QB Johnny Manziel. Through the draft, they’ve added to the offensive arsenal.

Other that Johnny Football, most fans will know the name Damon Sheehy. In 2019 he talked his way into an NFL training camp in Miami, ending up getting signed with the Browns.

He set the preseason on fire with a punt return for a TD, but unfortunately, Cleveland had a full WR room, and Sheehy was released. According to Commissioner Ray Austin, Damon did the same with the FCF.

But after he hit the field, Austin says it was a no-brainer to sign him. He showed us his speed in the scrimmage, when on the 1st play from scrimmage he hooked up with QB Quinton Flowers for a deep TD.

He’ll be catching passes from another former Brown, though, and part of a WR corps known for big-play ability.

RB Madre London played at Michigan State and Tennessee, so big stages in prime time are no problem for him. His ability to take it to the house on any given play – either in running or receiving – will be a problem for the Shut Down Squad for the Beasts.

Those Beasts took an unorthodox approach to the Franchise Tag. Instead of choosing a QB like the rest of the league, they chose WR Troy Evans. He’s a familiar name in the arena league circles, as Evans has been tearing up the scene for a while.

Their number 3 overall pick was former Vipers QB Quinton Flowers. A true dual threat, Flowers is set to take this league over. That said, do not overlook the 2nd QB the Beasts drafted. TJ Edwards put everyone on notice when he said to me in an interview to hit the press later, “I’m the one everyone should be stoked to see”.

Edwards is also a dual threat guy with a monster arm. Since we will see both QBs in every game, the choice to take both of these guys was a smart one, as their skills mesh perfectly.

Big talent sometimes comes in small packages, and WR Christian Saulsberry personifies that. He’s a burner that ran a 4.3 40 in his regional combine this year, but can also kill you from the backfield.

WR Alphonso Carter rounds out the receiving corps with speed and height. While Saulsberry can beat you in open space and his route-running ability, and Evans with his experience and speed, Carter can high-point the deep ball, and be a monster over the middle.

SB Ladarius Galloway can score from all over the field. A strong runner with incredible hands and route skills, He’s a guy that has to be accounted for on every play.

This first weekend of games will change the history of the game. FCF is redefining what it means to be a football fan, while also changing the way its played.

With the run-and-shoot universal offense, players that come from all over the map in background, and skill sets, this league has something for every football fan to love.

Power to the Fans

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