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Recapping The 1st Ever Fan Controlled Football (FCF) Draft

The Fan Controlled Football league had their very first player draft last night, streamed live on their Twitch channel.

Just like the league’s name says, fans would either download the app from the Apple App Store, or Google, or use the Twitch extension to vote for the players they wanted to draft when their team was selecting.

The way it works – it’ll happen again next week – the fans are given a list of players to mark in a queue, or as a favorite. When your team was on the clock, fans would then select the player they wanted.

The player with the most votes got selected. Votes were on a weighted scale, meaning that fans with the most league interaction had more control than people who only recently signed up, or hadn’t voted in the previous rules and other polls.

As the season goes on, everyone can increase the weight of their votes by calling plays, and voting on the polls, and interacting through their Twitch channel.

Prior to the draft, there is a competition called MAN UP!, where DBs, WRs, and QBs show their skills to hopefully increase their draft stock, but also win Team Powers for the fans that draft them.

Now for the players.

All four teams had already chosen players to use a “Franchise Tag” on, attaching them to their team for the duration of the season:

Photos courtesy of <a href=httpswwwinstagramcomfcfl>FCF<a>

From there, it was up to the fans to decide who else would make up their rosters for Saturday’s games. The skill positions would be picked individually, QBs, SBs (Super Backs), and WRs.

The offensive line (including TEs), and defenses were divided into 2 groups, selected as units. On game nights, the OL a defense will play both games, and by selecting one during the draft, that automatically means your next opponent has to pick the other.

The first round started off with the fans of the Wild Aces using the number 1 overall pick on the OL group named Block Party, to be sure their Franchise QB was taken care of.

The Glacier Boyz had the 2nd pick, and the fans chose standout WR Andrew Jamiel as a weapon for their tagged QB David Pindell.

The Beasts selected 3rd, and since they tagged WR Troy Evans, the fans decided to lock down former Vipers QB Quinton Flowers.

With the last pick in the 1st round, the Zappers fans selected WR Damon Sheehy, who ironically, shares a tie to the Cleveland Browns with his QB, Johnny Manziel.

Full draft results are available on the FCF site, and through the app.

Power to the Fans

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