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FCF Week 2 Recap, and New Rules

The 2nd week of the FCF brought us more than just games, we had a new draft, new Franchise Tags, and by the end of Saturday night, 2 new rules.

Each team was able to tag a new player before last week’s draft:

  • Glacier Boyz: WR Andrew Jamiel
  • Wild Aces: SB Ladarius Galloway
  • Zappers: SB Anthony Jones

Beasts vs Wild Aces

We knew going into game day that 1 team would come out undefeated, and another would be winless. The 1-0 Beasts faced the other 1-0 Wild Aces in the first game of the night.

Both teams scored on their first possessions, but Flowers made the Beasts TD more exciting, or more of the same, depending on how you look at it. Since the scrimmage, every game he has played in, the first drive has been a 1 pass for 40 yards and a score.

Week 1 he did twice. It’s good he’s getting to show off his arm, the Bengals tried to make him a RB, and even the Vipers wanted to use him more as a runner. He can beat you with his feet, but he’s not 1-dimensional.

The Wild Aces’ Franchise QB Jackson Erdmann missed this week, due to a shoulder injury sustained in Week 1. QB2 Deondre Francois would take the reigns, with Ed Crouch as his cohort.

The two traded scores all the way through the 1st half, with the Wild Aces leading at the half, 22-16.

While it was an exciting game, the real draw came on the Beasts 1st drive of the 2nd half, when an errant pass from Flowers was intercepted by DB Curtis Collins. But instead of being a turnover, the officials ruled the ball hit the ground before Collins could secure it, and ruled it incomplete.

A decision was made to eliminate a 2nd look by the founders after a Week 1 challenge/replay took longer than they wanted. But since this play proved that on-field officials need help sometimes, they’ve made a decision to reinstate the fan-option to vote on the outcome.

The Beasts scored, taking a 24-22 lead from the Wild Aces. But the fireworks came on the last drive of the game, where the Beasts were trailing, QB2 TJ Edwards at the helm, time running down.

It was 30-24, a TD and the 2-point MAN UP! would give them the lead. But clock management became an issue. Edwards and company got the ball t the Aces 2-yard line, the clock down to under 10 seconds before they could get the next snap, but the QB was able to get in the endzone to tie the game.

The 1v1 point after attempt was good, and the Beasts walked away with the controversial victory.

There was also a timing change because of that game. The clock never stops, until it gets to under a minute, and then only for out of bounds and incomplete passes.

Now, because of the way the game almost ended, without the Beasts having a chance to tie it up, the clock will stop after every play under :60.

Francois once again had a good night for the Wild Aces, continuing to be the top QB2. Every drive he’s led has ended in a TD. Saturday night he pitched a perfect game, going 2-2 for 40 yds and 2 TDs, while averaging 7 ypc.

Galloway ran for 39 yds on 6 carries, and WR Ralph Leonard led the way in receiving with 2 catches for 28 yds.

For the Beasts, the two-headed monster at QB of Flowers and Edwards would again rush for over 100 yds and 3 scores. It was Edwards who ended with the better night through the air, 5-6 for 56 yds.

TE Deylon Key, who was the recipient of the 40-yd TD pass to start the game, ended with 2 catches for 53 yds and the score.

Beasts improve to 2-0 and face the Glacier Boyz in Week 3, while the Wild Aces go to 1-1, and play the Zappers.

Glacier Boyz vs Zappers

The 2nd game wouldn’t disappoint either, as the Johnny Football-led Zappers battled David Pindell and the Glacier Boyz for their 1st victories of the season.

The Zappers scored on all 3 of their 1st-half possessions, while the Glacier Boyz set themselves back with turnovers, including a safety.

SB Calen Campbell did get the Glacier Boyz on the board, but it was the only TD they’d get in the first 20 minutes.

The 2nd half was a different story, as the Glacier Boyz would keep the Zappers scoreless, and even it up at 22 on a WR Andrew Jamiel TD, and a scoop-and-score by LB Fred Conyers.

The Zappers got 1 last shot to win the game, but failed to score, sending it into our 1st overtime in the FCF.

The fans voted to have a college-style OT period, with both teams getting a possession from the 10, with 4 downs to score. The Zappers started with the ball 1st, and got in on a great run by SB Anthony Jones, but missed the 1v1 PAT.

Pindell and the Glacier Boyz also took 2 plays to score, as SB Quinn Porter punched it in on a great cutback run from the 2. Unfortunately for the Zappers, GB’s MAN UP! try was good, giving them to 30-28 victory.

Both Zappers QBs had good nights, with Manziel finishing 8-14, 82 yds and a TD. QB2 Logan Marchi had 78 yds on 2-3 and a score.

Manziel also led the team in rushing getting 40 yds and a TD on 3 carries. Travis Toivonen led the way in receiving with 3 catches for 84 yds an a TD. TE Christopher Bazile added 2 catches for 35 yds and hit pay dirt once.

For the Glacier Boyz, QB2 Braden Smith led the way in rushing and passing. 27 yards on 2 carries, and 4-11 for 50. Campbell added 14 yds on 3 carries and a TD, while Pindell went 3-6 for 36 and scored once.

Jamiel was their leading receiver with 4 catches, 41 yds, and a score.

The Glacier Boyz improve to 1-1, and face the 2-0 Beasts in Week 3. The zappers fall to 0-2 and play the 1-1 Wild Aces.

The Week 3 draft is on Wednesday, coverage beginning at 730 ET on the FCF Twitch channel.

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