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FCF Week 1 Recap; New Franchise Tags?

Fan Controlled Football just completed its first week on the field this past Saturday. A lot of excitement leading up, but did it meet expectations?

“This is season v1.0, so it’s like releasing a new app, there will be updates and changes, but bear with us,” Chief Gaming Officer and co-founder Patrick Dess said.

There were some timing issues, and camera angles weren’t what we’re used to, but that’s the thing; this isn’t traditional football at all.

It’s a 7v7 arena football that meshes fantasy football with its weekly drafts, and Madden-like play-calling, giving all the control to the fans. Hyper excitement with the WWE-style entrances by the players, with new twists on old ideas.

The team owners were present during the broadcast, with Beasts co-owner Marshawn Lynch talking a lot of trash to Glacier Boyz owners Quavo and Richard Sherman. Lynch even attempted to play.

But the on-field product was some of the most exciting football we’ve seen at this level. Johnny Manziel made his return and from the very beginning, we got exactly what we expected.

In the late game, the Zappers played the Beasts, both teams having QBs we know. Manziel, and former Tampa Bay Vipers QB/RB Quinton Flowers. Similar skill sets but what we got from them may not have been what we thought going in.

Of course, we know they can beat you with their legs, but Flowers ended the game with the most passing yards in the league, and the least amount of rushing yards among QBs. Manziel had trouble connecting with his receivers, going 1-5.

But when developing a new offense, it’s often the passing game that takes more time to come together.

QB2 for the Beasts, TJ Edwards (interview coming soon), leads the league with 96 rushing yards, and is tied for 2nd for the most TDs over the weekend. He’s a guy that fan need to watch in this week’s draft on Wednesday.

Beasts WR Christian Saulsberry, whom we interviewed previously, had 2 catches for 23 yards and a score. Alphonso Carter and Jordus Smith both had 1 catch each, but they were deep passes for TDs, showing off the arm that Flowers has. Arguably the best in the league right now.

We saw more defensive plays in the second game. Turnovers and touchdowns by that side of the ball, which made it a bit more exciting, and relieving.

If the progress with the defense was any indication – despite defensive units playing in both games – then we may see a more defensive struggle this week.

The Glacier Boyz and the Wild Aces started the night off with a tough match that similar to the late game, running the ball was king.

Franchise QB Jackson Erdmann went out early with a shoulder injury, QB2 Ed Crouch came in and helped finish off the Glacier Boyz 30-22.

Aces SB Calen Campbell led the charge on the ground with 45 yards on 8 carries and 2 TDs. The Glacier Boyz weren’t able to get the running game going, outside of their Franchise QB David Pindell, who gained 33 on 4 attempts, reaching the endzone 1 time.

GB QB2 Deondre Francois had a nice night through the air, going 3-5 for 36 yards and a TD. WR Andrew Jamiel led the league with 3 catches, 46 yards, and 2 TDs.

For the Wild Aces, it was Travis Toivonen who led them in receiving with 3 catches for 42 yards. TE Jeremy Houston had the lone receiving TD.

Fans need to take heed on what worked and what didn’t in Week 1. Find guys that fit what you’re trying to do for the draft, and try to balance out the plays.

The constant this weekend, was the teams that ran a more balanced offense won. The Wild Aces rushed twice as many times as the Glacier Boyz, and the Beasts fans called 52% passes to 48% runs in their game plan.

Franchise Tags

The league pushed the plan to have one more Franchise player for each team on Monday, with those players expected to be announced later on Tuesday. Just in time to be removed from consideration for the Wednesday Draft.

Week 1 was a success regardless how you look at it. They reached a higher Twitch audience than they projected, social media was on fire for the games, and their app became the #1 sports app.

This has been 6+ years in the making, and now that they’ve taken the field, expect them to take the sports gaming world by storm.

Power To The Fans

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