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XFL 2021 Draft: Top 10 QBs To Watch For In The XFL Draft

With the XFL season seemingly ahead of us, we decided to break down, by position unit, top guys the league should look at. These are not guys currently on NFL rosters, nor are they guys who played in the league in 2020.

These are the top 10 available QBs I think make perfect sense for a shot at the XFL:

10. Cole McDonald Hawaii

Pros: Big arm, accurate on the long ball. Can read through progressions in open sets. Dual-threat.

Cons: Misses timing routes, limited understanding of zone coverage.

9. Jacob Dolegala Central Connecticut

Jacob Dolegala

Pros: Size (6’6 240), pocket presence, poise against the rush. Reads defenses well. Strong arm and accurate. Can move well for a bigger QB. Worked out with Tyree Jackson at the Buffalo Pro day, and surprised NFL scouts.

Cons: Injured his shoulder during his senior year of high school, so he didn’t receive any FBS offers. Passing stats are low, but the CCU coach ran the ball more than he passed it. Dolegala averaged 24 throws a game. Off-field issue in 2017

8. J’Mar Smith Louisiana Tech

Pros:Dual-threat, but good at reading defenses. Strong arm, and has a nose for the end zone.

Cons: Takes off at first sign of pressure.

7. JT Barrett Ohio State

Pros: Dual-threat with a big arm. Like Defenders QB Cardale Jones, big body, but an arm that can flick it downfield with ease.

Cons: Accuracy is an issue, and he usually moves from the pocket to run, not throw.

6. Josh Love San Jose State

Pros: Pocket guy who doesn’t seem phased by pressure. Accurate deep ball. Accurate, even with defenders in his face. 6ft 200 lbs frame can absorb some hits. Still accurate on the move.

Cons: Has a tendency to underthrow guys. Played on an underwhelming offense.

5. Anthony Gordon Washington State

Pros: Set single-season records with 3800 yards and 37 touchdowns. Quick-release, played in an air-raid type offense, steady in the pocket, not afraid to throw with defenders in his face. Poised, hard to move off of his spot, accurate even with the 3/4 release.

Cons: Not an arm that can consistently be dangerous on the deep ball. Has a tell, with the way he handles the ball, tends to “burp the baby” right before he lets it go. Known as a leader on the field.

4. Shea Patterson Michigan, Ole Miss

Pros: Accurate on the move, extending plays, and on intermediate throws. has a tendency to underthrow guys. Played on an underwhelming offense. Can run, not your usual dual-threat, but can make plays with his feet.

Cons: Small, and can be just off target enough to limit YAC from his receivers. Doesn’t work through progressions well, as he tends to stare his target down.

3. Jalen Morton Prairie Valley State

Pros: Big Body 6’4″ 226. Nice pocket presence with a big arm. Not afraid of taking a hit, as he stands nice and big in the pocket.

Cons: Decision making is the big issue, throws into double coverage, trying to force plays.

2. Blake Bortles UCF

Pros: Has the size you look for, mobile, can make plays with his feet. Strong arm. Football smart and known as a leader. The NFL experience, and AFC championship game presence, he has a major upside for the XFL.

Cons: Not great against good competition, late throws, anticipation needs work, and limited in the routes he has thrown to.

1. Paxton Lynch Memphis

Pros: Big, with a strong arm. Can make difficult throws into small windows. Mobile, sees the field well when no one is in his face. NFL experience gives him an advantage against the rest. His size and his arm is what makes him a better project among the best available quarterbacks.

Cons: Slower to process the information, off-field issues with maturity.

There many more still available in free agency or on practice squads, But these are my top 10 QBs that the XFL should look at during this offseason. Many will come, and this doesn’t include CFL guys, like Vernon Adams, who would make an immediate impact in the league.

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Content creator, that lives in Virginia Beach. Father of 3 amazing girls, lover of all things football. Trying to add my voice to the mix. #ForTheLoveOfFootball #SilenceIsNotAnOption



  1. John A Adee

    September 16, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    Anthony Gordon is the real deal

  2. Nicholas Braxton

    September 16, 2020 at 5:07 pm

    I like this list BUT Kyle Sloter and Mason Fine have to be on it. I believe Kyle Sloter should be in the top 3 as a matter of fact. Another name to watch is Kelly Bryant, he can use the XFL as a way to learn the game more. Personally speaking like Jmar Smith more than most. He is a dangerous runner and a good passer. Jmar Smith is a good prospect for the XFL.

  3. Rocky

    September 17, 2020 at 3:06 am

    I think Chad Kelly should be on this list a little bit of playing I think he’s grown out of his stupid crap

  4. L ridfick

    September 17, 2020 at 10:17 am

    I like the guys on your list but I’m always disappointed to see guys like Blake bortles and Paxton Lynch keep getting chances and guys who have talent keep getting overlooked for retreads! I’m hoping I see as a DB this time Kiante Goudeau extremely talented slot DB played on the outside in college against all number ones didn’t matter the size still competed in May plays have workouts with the LA team was a IFL stand out would like to see this guy get a legit shot

  5. Nicholas Braxton

    September 19, 2020 at 10:11 am

    Another interesting name that could be on this list is McKenzie Milton. He was a 2nd to 3rd round prospect before his injury . Milton sustained an Alex Smith like injury while at UCF. If he does not reclaim his starting job this season the XFL could be an opportunity for him to show he can still play. Milton is a fantastic quarterback with immense upside playing in the XFL could really showcase what he can do

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