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Winston Moss Wants Back In XFL 3.0, Excited About The Rock

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, former Los Angeles Wildcats head coach Winston Moss raved about the second, second coming of the XFL, this time, under the regime of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“I was excited to hear the news.”

“He’s an ex-football player, he’s a great entertainer, has a passion for whatever he does, has passion for football, he seems to love the game. Both of us are U of Miami alumni, so c’mon.” he continued.

Moss was a part of one of the more entertaining teams during the XFL’s short run earlier in 2020. With Josh Johnson under center, the Wildcats’ offense had the sort of explosive potential to change the outlook of any game in just a few drives.

Of course the XFL went under once the COVID-19 pandemic reached the United States, leaving Moss and hundreds of other league employees jobless.

Additionally, Moss is one of several former employees who are listed as creditors in the pending bankruptcy case for the XFL 2.0. Reports are that the former Wildcats head coach is owed upwards of $580k.

In most cases, the full amount is seldom paid out. And by the sound of it, it seems as if Moss would take a role within the league in place of his old contract and its wages.

“I think he brings so much to the table that I would be honored, I would be thrilled to work with somebody with that stature.” Moss raved of The Rock.

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