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Las Vegas Vipers Relieve Duane Taylor Of Offensive Coordinating Duties

3 weeks into the XFL season the Vipers have decided to part ways with their offensive coordinator Duane Taylor. Taylor who was hired back in December of 2022 and was originally an assistant head coach/ offensive coordinator at Alabama A&M from 2018 up until 2021.

With this in mind the Vipers will begin their OC search as soon as possible, but with a game happening Sunday against the Defenders in Washington D.C., Vegas will have to look in the direction of one of their offensive position coaches to take over the offensive play calling sheet.

Choices For Offensive Coordinating On Sunday:

RB Coach: Marcus Lewis (Former Hampton Pirate RB Coach/ Former NFL RB Coach With Cincinnati Bengals For 5 Seasons)

WR Coach: Ray Sherman (48 Years Of Coaching Experience/ 35 Of Those Years Were Spent In The NFL)

TE/ST Coach: Charlie Eger (Former OC For Seton Hills Athletics & Clarion Athletics/ Coached A Stint In CFL With Ottawa Redblacks)

OL Coach: Bob Wylie (28 Years Of Experience In The NFL/ Also Coached The Ottawa Redblacks As A OL Coach In Their 2020-2021 Season)

The possible favorite out of all these great options could come down to who has the most experience calling plays. Charlie Eger has had almost a decade under his resume as a OC and could be the favorite but Ray Sherman has almost 5 decades worth of offensive knowledge and could become interim OC for Sunday.

Either way, after Sundays game in D.C. the Vipers will almost immediately look to fill Duane Taylors spot with someone new.

Ray Sherman Left With DB Cris Dishman Back In 1988 As His First NFL Coaching Job RB Coach

Vegas Vipers Offensive Ranks In The XFL With Duane Taylor As Their OC Through 3 Weeks

Pass YDs: Ranked 4th (550 YDs Compared To #1 Ranked Sea Dragons 852 YDs)

Pass TDs: Ranked 5th (5 TDs Compared To #1 Ranked Roughnecks 7 TDs)

1st Down%: Ranked 3rd (29.9% Compared To #1 Ranked Sea Dragons 31.1%)

Rush YDs: Ranked 6th (232 YDs Compared To #1 Ranked D.C. Defenders 449 YDs)

Rush TDs: Ranked 4th (2 TDs Compared To #1 Ranked D.C. Defenders 5 TDs)

Rec YDs: Ranked 4th (576 YDs Compared To #1 Ranked Sea Dragons 861 Yds)

Rec TDs: Ranked 5th (5 TDs Compared To #1 Ranked Roughnecks 7 TDs)

Total Scoring: Ranked 6th In Total Touchdowns (7 TDs Compared To #1 Ranked Roughnecks 10 TDs)

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I'm a 19 year old college student from Las Vegas Nevada. I love watching football and playing football but also writing about it.

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