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Martavis Bryant Targets NFL Return After XFL Tenure

Martavis Bryant’s pursuit of an NFL revival takes another step forward, even as his recent stint with the XFL’s Vegas Vipers has left much to be desired from the former promising NFL star.

3 Key Points

  • Revisiting NFL Suspension: Bryant’s checkered past with NFL policy violations looms in the backdrop as he seeks a fresh start.
  • XFL Season Recap: Despite a lackluster XFL season, Bryant’s physical attributes have piqued the interest of NFL teams for potential workouts.
  • BattleHawks Coach’s Skepticism: The head coach of the XFL’s BattleHawks, Anthony Becht, voices a candid take on Bryant’s NFL workout news.

A History of NFL Suspension

Martavis Bryant’s career has been significantly marred by his battles with the NFL’s substance abuse policy. After a promising start with the Pittsburgh Steelers, his trajectory took a downward turn due to repeated policy violations that led to suspensions, including an indefinite one in 2018. His reinstatement in 2023 signaled a possibility for redemption, yet the shadow of his past suspensions persists as a reminder of the challenges he has faced off the field.

An Underwhelming XFL Run

During his XFL season, Bryant’s statistics were humble. With 14 catches for 154 yards and no touchdowns, his performance fell short of making a compelling case for an immediate NFL return. The stats suggest that while his natural talent remains undeniable, there is work to be done for Bryant to reestablish himself as the dynamic receiver he once was.

Skepticism from the XFL Ranks

Anthony Becht, the head coach of the XFL’s St. Louis Battlehawks, weighed in on Bryant’s NFL prospects with a measure of skepticism. Becht highlighted that while Bryant’s ambition is commendable, there are players on his own team who have outshone Bryant in the league.

The Uphill Battle Ahead

Martavis Bryant’s journey back to the NFL is fraught with challenges. He faces the task of convincing teams that he can overcome his past and contribute meaningfully to their roster. The workouts with the Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans represent more than just a trial—it’s a chance for Bryant to showcase growth, resilience, and a renewed commitment to the sport.

As Bryant sets out to navigate this crucial juncture, his story continues to unfold—a narrative of talent, tumult, and the tenacious pursuit of a second chance in the spotlight of America’s most-watched sport.

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