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BattleHawks Heinecke and Fitzgerald Are Founding Fathers Of Seltzerbration

Last week we reported on the BattleHawks being fined $10,000 for damage after the first Bud Light Seltzer celebration. We know the BattleHawks were the first team to do it with others following suit. The question has been who on the team was the one to come up with the idea.

It turns out according to Matt King, St. Louis BattleHawks Director of Content it was backup QB’s Taylor Heinicke and Nick Fitzgerald. This is what King had to say about it during a recent Reddit AMA.

“They are indeed. The story behind that was the day of the first game, all of the content teams were told that the locker room was now the “Bud Light Lounge” and that they were putting up Bud Light Seltzer signs and that we had to do SOMETHING with it after the game. I thought it would be just an interview with a player in front of one of the signs and best case scenario he would be holding a seltzer.

Then when the game ended everyone was so hyped from 1) winning a close game after being the biggest underdogs of Week 1 and 2) getting double their pay for the week, that they walked in, saw a bunch of seltzer that had been rolled in, and just went crazy. If you watch the replay of the game-ending INT, Heinicke and Fitz had run all the way down the field to join in the celebration, so they were clearly hyped out of their minds and that was just how everything manifested.

Every other team copying us was pretty weak if I should say so myself.”

King On If The Team Was Down With The KawKaw Idea

“The team loved it. Our front office was really trying to make the BattleHawks more of an aviation thing than a bird thing because we didn’t want to be too close to the Cardinals, but at some point we had to just give in. We didn’t really acknowledge it officially until the very end because we wanted it to be just a fan thing. But I thought it was great. No other team had anything like that that took off as much as kakaw. It was the law, after all.”

King On If He Would Come Back To An XFL 3.0 Version

“If Kurt Hunzeker came back as President, I would have a hard time saying no to coming back. He really set the tone with our team and made it an awesome place to work. But it would also depend on who bought the league, what their vision was, and I think everyone would be a lot smarter about how their structure and word their contracts.”

King Talks About A Training Camp Fight At The Team Hotel

“During training camp, a couple of the players got into a massive fight at the hotel and one of them got thrown into a window on the 7th story and cracked the glass and came REAL close to breaking the window entirely. Could have been real bad. Most of the players got along really well, but they were competitive as hell.”

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