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BattleHawks Fined $10,000 For Bud Light Seltzer Celebration Damage

St Louis BattleHawks OG Bruno Reagan recently took part in a Reddit AMA. He was asked a host of questions from playing in St Louis to getting drafted in the XFL, backing out, then changing his mind and giving it a try.

He also drops an interesting tidbit about the infamous Bud Light Seltzer celebrations that were a big part of the league. Including the team getting fined $10,000 for wrecking the Dallas Renegades locker room.

Reddit user sirfiddlesticks asked

“Did you join in on the seltzer-brations?”

Reagan responded

“I did, but only shortly. I knew this was going to be something that I wanted to look back on so I recorded all of them. I still go back and watch the videos sometimes.

For the record, we INVENTED seltzer celebrations and the other teams tried to do it like us. They never could. We got fined like 10k for what we did to Dallas’ locker room, but the thing took off so hard the league didn’t care lol.”

XFL Director of Football Operations Sam Schwartzstein later chimed in;

“Hey bud we cared”

Reddit user YeetusThyFleetus asked if Reagan has an interest in return to the XFL.

“are you looking forward to the XFL returning? would you go back to STL?”

Reagan responded

“Yes and Yes. Like most of you, I will be on waiting for the news of what happens. I would love to somehow end back up in STL. Everything there but the spring weather was amazing.”

Reagan also talked about what happened on XFL Draft day and later deciding to play in the XFL.

“The first draft day when 10 other OL were selected and I wasn’t. I didn’t think I had a shot to play so I called my career. Got a call the next day from Trey Brown, basically our teams GM excited saying I got drafted in the open phase. Told him I was done and that was it. Called back like a month later and basically begged for the chance to come to mini camp. Rest is now history.

Both my OL coaches told me the second they heard I quit that they knew I would call back. Guess they knew me better then I knew myself lol.”

Bruno Reagan was part of Mike Mitchells All XFL Team starting all five games. The BattleHawks selected him in the open phase portion of the 2020 XFL Draft.

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