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XFL Week 6 Quarterback Rankings

We are at the midway point of the XFL season, and we finally saw some stagnation in Quarterback play. While Quinten Dormady and Luis Perez, were the most dynamic passers of week 5, league leaders AJ McCarron, Ben DiNucci, and Brandon Silvers, held fast with their least effective outings of the season in week 5.

As week 6 comes to the fold, the XFL has seen its first major injury at Quarterback with Reid Sinnett breaking his foot and will see Quinten Dormady make his first professional start per the Orlando Sentinel this Saturday.

Honorable Mention:

D’Eriq King pushes back to his normal honorable mention position, after being at #7 in last week’s ranking. King’s fall from the rankings have nothing to do with play, and more to do with volume, as he was regulated to gadget player in the Defenders victory in week 5. King was 0/1 on his lone pass attempt however did add 9 yards on 2 attempts with his weekly touchdown, fans are accustomed to seeing.

Cole McDonald also comes in for an honorable mention due to a lack of workload. McDonald debuted on the QB rankings in week 5 at #11, however only had one rushing attempt for 5 yards and although he didn’t have an official pass attempt, he completed a pass for a successful two-point conversion in a 21-14 loss to the Seattle Sea Dragons.

10. Jack Coan San Antonio Brahmas Previous Ranking #8

Stats: 7/15 42 Passing Yards 0 TD 2 INTs 3 Rushing Attempts 16 Rushing Yards 1 Fumble

After his get right game against the Guardians, Coan has continued to regress so much, that Coach Hines Ward, started Reid Sinnett in week 5. Coan despite the change at Offensive Coordinator Quarterback looks uncomfortable, and confidence has been completely shattered it appears. After a must win game that has playoff implications, Coan faltered as the Brahmas were unable to get anything going after Sinnett’s injury. With another shot at the Renegades in week 6, Coan may have his final opportunity to prove himself as a professional Quarterback, with Jowan Pass waiting for chance to prove himself now that Reid Sinnett is out for the season.

9. Kyle Sloter Arlington Renegades Previous Ranking #9

Stats: 14/26 148 Passing Yards 0 TD 1 INT 2 Rushing Attempts 17 Rushing Yards

Poor Sloterhouse, so many of us wanted him to succeed, and prove himself in the 2023 XFL season. Despite a 2-1 record as a starter, Sloter has put together offensive outings of 10, 11, 12 points in consecutive weeks for Arlington. As I’ve stated in videos and articles, Sloter is clearly pressing and it appears that he’s often times not reading the whole field, looking for a check down or Sal Cannella way to early.

Though it seems that Arlington will “grift” their way to the playoffs due to a weak South Division, at what point does Coach Stoops make a change either in play calling or at the Quarterback position in an effort to get something out of the Renegades Offense.

8. Reid Sinnett San Antonio Brahmas Previous Ranking Unranked

Stats: 13/19 97 Passing Yards 1 TD 1 INT 1 Rushing Attempt 10 Rushing Yards

Sinnett was able to utilize the big bodies of his receivers in week 5, and the San Antonio offense looked effective for the first time this season. However, as fate may have it Sinnett injured his foot and is now out for the rest of the season, leaving the Brahmas with more questions than answers going into another must win game against the Renegades in week 6. For the Brahmas it appears that they are set to “ride or die” with Jack Coan in week 6, with Jowan Pass also waiting for an opportunity.

7. Paxton Lynch Orlando Guardians Previous Ranking #5

Stats: 5/9 47 Passing Yards 0 TD 0 INT 4 Rushing Attempts 16 Rushing Yards

Lynch had a quick hook after average play in week 5. After back-to-back solid performances, Lynch couldn’t get the Orlando offense consistently moving and was left on the sidelines for a newly reinstated Quinten Dormady. While Lynch didn’t do anything necessarily “bad”, with a volatile team environment, will often call for immediate action from coaches in an effort to find a spark. Unfortunately for Lynch, Dormady provided one and he did not, simple as that.

6. Quinten Dormady Orlando Guardians Previous Ranking unranked

Stats: 22/25 256 Passing Yards 2 TD 0 INT 0 Rushing Attempts 0 Rushing Yards 1 Fumble

Dormady played with a bit of fire connecting with midseason All-XFL Tight End, for over 100 yards in his return to the Guardians after false accusations were made against him. Dormady played fearless and gave the Vipers a run for their money, if not for equally impressive play by Luis Perez. While maybe an adrenaline rush due to all the adversity put against him, Dormady, has an opportunity to make a name for himself with the Orlando Sentinel reporting him as the week 6 starter moving forward.

5. Luis Perez Vegas Vipers Previous Ranking #5

Stats: 20/28 269 Passing Yards 3 TDs 0 INTs 2 Rushing Attempts 9 Rushing Yards

With a roller coaster ride of a season, Perez is back in the drivers seat after earning his first win of 2023 against the Guardians. Perez may have played one of his best games of his career, connecting with his favorite target Jeff Badet, and playing a turnover free game. Perez looked poised, calm, and was able to step into throws rather than looked rattled as we’ve seen at times this season. While the Vipers may be the odd team out in the North Division, they do have a chance to play spoiler with the Battlehawks coming to Vegas this weekend.

4. Ben DiNucci Seattle Sea Dragons Previous Ranking #3

Stats: 17/32 209 Passing Yards 1 TD 3 INTs 4 Rushing Attempt 33 Rushing Yards 1 TD

DiNucci leads the XFL in a lot of categories this year, one which is turnovers. DiNucci’s totaled 13 so far this season, and is on pace for 26. Despite winning 3 games in a row at this point it seems the Sea Dragons could be winning in spite of him. DiNucci looks to be doing too much, and trying to be too cute in way that in seems he’s making it look a lot harder than it really is. With 5 games left in the season, DiNucci has an opportunity to lead his team to playoffs however his reckless behavior with the football, will be Seattle’s biggest downfall.

3. Jordan Ta’amu DC Defenders Previous Ranking #4

Stats: 12/18 90 Passing Yards 0 TD 0 INT 8 Rushing Attempts 23 Rushing Yards

While not the most amazing stat line, what doesn’t show up is the amount of broken tackles Ta’amu had in week 5. Oftentimes while getting chased around by Battlehawks defenders, the Ole Miss alum was able to evade the rush, and either throw the ball away or gain positive yards. While it doesn’t always show up in the stat column, Ta’amu’s been doing a great job managing the game and not making ill-advised throws when his first option is taken away. With the Defenders 5-0 and looking like the best team in the XFL, Ta’amu is in prime position to contend with Silvers, McCarron and DiNucci for the Top-QB spot in the league if he continues to stay within himself and lean on the Defenders Top-tier rushing attack.

2. Brandon Silvers Houston Roughnecks Previous Ranking #1

Stats: 25/47 227 Passing Yards 1 TD 1 INT 0 Rushing Attempts 0 Rushing Yards 2 Fumbles

Silvers takes a step back this week due to the additional turnovers, and his passing selection. Oftentimes, like DiNucci, it appears Silvers is trying to make the NFL throw rather than the best throw, with even teammate Kaleb Eleby pointing out that the underneath routes are open. Regardless, despite Houston’s recent loss to the Sea Dragons it does appear that Silvers and company can cruise into the playoffs due to a weak South Division.

1. AJ McCarron St. Louis Battlehawks Previous Ranking #2

Stats: 22/34 236 Passing Yards 2 TDs 1 INT 4 Rushing Attempts 12 Rushing Yards 1 Fumble

Despite putting together, a respectable stat line, McCarron and the Battlehawks appeared to have left some points on the board in week 5. McCarron at times seemed more victim to play calling and a more conservative approach from Offensive Coordinator Bruce Gradkowski, rather than the four-minute offense, that has seen AJ and St. Louis be able to move the ball with success. Overall, I graded AJ with only two bad throws, (one of which was a game ending interception, which Steven Mitchell beat the DB), and four drops from his receivers. With some slight stagnation from Brandon Silvers, and regression from Ben DiNucci, AJ gets the top spot going into week 6, as St. Louis looks to rebound coming off their 2nd loss of the season.

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Pat Rifino is a former Security Contractor turned writer. He began his writing career talking about geo-politics, and the defense industry. Now Pat writes about alt-league football, while hanging with his dogs in his off time.

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