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The Spring League Recap: Week 2, Conquerors Review

The Spring League’s Conquerors came out hot in Week 1, but couldn’t complete the win. Despite playing well for most of the game, Week 2 of the TSA season wouldn’t get much better.

In the first matchup against the Generals, QB Justin McMillan would get the nod, and quickly showed us his ability to beat you with his feet, but would be unlucky on a few throws, 2 of which ended up being intercepted.

QB Kevin Anderson got the start for Week 2 and was able to put together scoring drives almost every time he commanded the offense.

The offensive line kept holes open for the backs in the run game with Jordan Salima, Jordan Cronkrite, and Sola Olateju. Salima shined the brightest in Week 2 running the ball, and as a receiver.

Cronkrite was able to show his ability in both facets of the offense, but turnovers were an issue against the Alphas in Week 2.

TE Dimitrios Tsesmetzis showed his athleticism despite the big frame on some great plays in both weeks.

Defensively, this team shows a lot of talent. DT Willie Yarbary came out Week 1 with a statement. Finishing with an INT, 2 sacks, and a fumble, when you saw the ball, number 90 was right there making a play.

Week 2 he didn’t fill the stat sheet as much, but the offense still felt his presence. Once again, 90 had his blocker yards behind where he hoped to be. Getting that push is exactly what you want a DT to do, to allow the 2nd level to fill the gap.

CB Ken Hike Jr grabbed 2 incredibly tough INts this past week against former Ohio State QB JT Barrett. They weren’t easy plays at all, show his big play ability.

Another guy to make sure you watch is LB Zach Hall. A monster in production at Southeast Missouri, 53 was flying all over the field both weeks.

Fellow LB Royce See has made a name in coverage, as he has been seen covering every offensive position. And doing it well.

Week 2 wasn’t without drama, as QB Justin McMillan was involved in a sideline altercation with an Alphas offensive assistant. You can see the coach reach out to McMillan, and then grab him, while both go to the ground.

We have reached out for a statement, but neither the coach, team, or league has responded.

Special teams really showed up in Week 2, as K/P Matt Mengel set the record for the longest field goal in the session with 53 yards.

He was also able to change the field position in the punt game, putting the defense in better situations.

The Conquerors are 0-2, and while we would like for the team to be able to put together some victories, wins are not, or should not be a big part of the league.

The Spring League is a camp, meant to give players the opportunity to put film out there of live-game reps for scouts. So even if they don’t get in the win column, the team has shown its talent very well, and scouts should be getting many of these guys in some workouts soon.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ben

    November 8, 2020 at 11:05 am

    The Alpha’s coach involved in the fight is Drew Tate. Links to evidence:

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