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The NGL has Completed its Rebranding into the UFL

As of 8/17, what was once the website for the National Gridiron League has now been taken down. However, the site for their new venture – the United Football League is up and running.

To their credit, the site looks very professional. It refers to teams that were under the NGL umbrella as “joining” the new league, and considers the National Gridiron League as now defunct.

Attempts to reach the league were met with automated responses, but we do know that the same person responsible for 3 years of promises given to players and coaches never being fulfilled is still in charge.

Camps are being scheduled, with pricing between $100 and $125. We advise you not to waste your time and money.

Joe McClendon has put years into making deals with sponsors and not coming through, we have coaches who can attest that they were never paid.

After 3 years, they’ve never made it to training camp. Uniforms were never ordered. Hotel rooms were never paid for, and not a player or coach saw the practice field that they didn’t take it upon themselves to do.

No venue lease has ever been signed, and no team has ever played.

As of 8/20, there has been no movement to secure the trademarks for the UFL, nor United Football League, all are still under the status dead, according to the USPTO.

We write this as another warning that until it can be proven that they will ever play, please do not trust a thing that this league says.

As this story progresses, we will continue to bring you the latest, in hopes to limit those who become the next victim of this sham.

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Content creator, that lives in Virginia Beach. Father of 3 amazing girls, lover of all things football. Trying to add my voice to the mix. #ForTheLoveOfFootball #SilenceIsNotAnOption



  1. JB Samaniego

    August 22, 2021 at 4:32 pm

    Outstanding reporting and opinion Josh. It’s just mindboggling how these scammers keep surfacing using pro football dreams as their vehicle. I would like to see your investigative and reporting talents also directed at Major League Football (MLF). I always suspected that it was a scam as well.

    • Brandon

      January 16, 2023 at 3:48 pm

      Yeah I went to the tryout recently No 40 yard dash and he told us all before the tryout started we only gonna pick about 5 of y’all 2 line backs a DB and 1 line man. I went for WR. There was only 7 of us all were really good! He sent all of us home only 2 coaches was there he brought some random nfl guy to speak with us and he left went home! Didn’t even say his name it was 75 to try out some people didn’t even pay they just showed up had people tackling. And the one on ones he had with each player was basically telling us that we suck and I don’t know why we came out there that day. I’ll tell you why because we love the game! One guy drove down 12 hours to get there and I heard Him tell the guy you need to learn how to catch. I’m pretty sure he only dropped one pass… he told me I was too skinny when I had a giant jacket on… he didn’t need WR or RB just wasted our time. He said the reason was he wanted the XFL cuts to come out. This was a sloppy tryout he was rushing everything just super unprofessional. One kid said he was living in a hotel wanted the free housing that was offered online. It just seems sketchy just took our money and ran hopefully it is a real league this time but I doubt it this guy didn’t even have real looking footballs old cones. And a dirty attitude to match

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