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XFL’s First Rivalry Goes Back To NFL’s Raiders vs. Chiefs

The XFL could have its first heated rivalry. Just like the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens Vs Pittsburg Steelers or Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants. We now have a rival that is coming to the XFL from the NFL.

XFL Los Angeles head coach Winston Moss and XFL St. Louis head coach Johnathan Hayes played against each other in one of the most bitter rivalries in NFL history. The Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Moss played linebacker for the Raiders while Hayes played tight end for the Chiefs. Both had several battles on the field in the past.

Listen to what coach Moss had to say about it during yesterdays press conference.

No response from Hayes or St Louis XFL officially, however, that did stop the L.A.’s teams Twitter account from taking a shot at their new rivals.

Vince McMahon knows a thing or two about trashing talking and building rivalries in his days with the WWE. XFL Los Angeles vs XFL St. Louis could be the first must-see matchup of the 2020 season.

Do you think this has the makings of a great rivalry? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Ronald McMillan

    May 8, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    Gonna be an awesome game! Can’t wait for Dallas to get some! I so hope we get Manzeil .. Go dallas!

    • doodeet3

      May 10, 2019 at 8:48 pm

      Enjoy the number of empty seats if you think people are going to abandon the Big 12 minus 2, Rangers, Mavericks and Stars (let alone the Cowboys) for an inferior football team!

      You may not like Jason Garrett, but I’d bet Robert Stoops would do an even WORSE job with the Cowboys than Garrett. After all, most college coaches turn out to be busts on the pro level. *cough*Saban*cough*Petrino*cough*

  2. C.P. McClennan

    May 9, 2019 at 7:41 am

    The only “automatic” rivalry here is that some in StL might be angry with LA for taking their most recent NFL team away. These two gentlemen are hardly celebrity/A-list coaches. We’re not talking Knoll v. Shula here, yet.

    The only rivalry a fledgling league has early is geographic. The old XFL had that idea with LV-LA-SF together where even the cheerleaders were able to attend road games. The NHL is adding Seattle who, simply due to proximity, will have an instant rival with Vancouver.

    For this version of the XFL, we’re talking Houston-Dallas to start. If the league moves to ten teams in the next few years, cities like Austin, San Antonio, San Diego, Portland, Vancouver, and Orlando would all offer similar geographic potential to the eight flagship franchises and are larger cities without an NFL presence. If they want to continue on with the NFL preexisting in the markets, add San Francisco, Philadelphia and Baltimore to that list. Probably too early to consider this, but what about a second NY team in Yankee stadium and then hype the rivalry with New Jersey.

    Regardless, any other rivalry of the hype nature suggested in the article needs to develop. It can’t be forced. That Chief-Raider rivalry did not develop overnight.

    • Dusty Rhodes Farted!

      May 11, 2019 at 1:34 am

      I’d love to have whatever drugs the people who wrote this article are on. They also forget that there are 4 teams west of St. Louis, which means that St. Louis gets to play in the east and thus will only have one meeting with them. Hard to have a rivalry when you are not competing with said team that often.

      Just take a look at the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche. Had a big rivalry with Montreal back in the day, but they moved to Denver and basically swapped Montreal for a rivalry with Detroit. And now that Detroit is back in the east for the first time since 1980-81, that rivalry has diminished.

      I doubt St. Louis and L.A. will become rivals…especially when L.A. don’t even care about the CHARGERS right now! Speaking of which,

      “If they want to continue on with the NFL preexisting in the markets, add San Francisco, Philadelphia and Baltimore to that list.”

      A lot of idiots fail to realize that the XFL has too many teams in places that already have NFL franchises. In addition to NFL teams, let’s see what else the XFL has to deal with,

      Seattle: Seahawks football, Mariners baseball, Sounders soccer, The Pac-12

      Los Angeles: Rams football, Chargers football, Dodgers baseball, Angels baseball, Lakers basketball, Clippers basketball, Kings hockey, Ducks hockey, Galaxy soccer, Chivas 2.0 soccer, The Pac-12

      Dallas: Cowboys football, Rangers baseball, Mavericks basketball, Stars hockey, Burn soccer, The Big 12 minus 2

      Houston: Texans football, Astros baseball, Rockets basketball, Dynamo soccer, The Big 12 minus 2, The SEC, The AAC

      St. Louis: Cardinals baseball, Blues hockey, The SEC

      Tampa: Buccaneers football, Devil Rays baseball, Lightning hockey, The AAC, The SEC, The ACC

      Washington D.C.: Redskins football, Nationals baseball, Wizards basketball, Capitals Hockey, United Soccer, The Big East, The ACC, The Big 10 plus 4

      New York City/Northern New Jersey: Giants football, Jets football, Metropolitans baseball, Yankees baseball, Knickerbockers basketball, Nets basketball, Rangers hockey, Islanders hockey, Devils hockey, Energy Drink Soccer, Steinbrenner Soccer, The Big East, The Big 10 plus 4

      Here’s what AAF cities went up against,

      San Diego: Padres baseball, The Mountain West

      Phoenix, Arizona: Cardinals football, Diamondbacks baseball, Suns basketball, Coyotes hockey, The Pac-12

      Salt Lake City: Jazz basketball, Royal soccer, The Pac-12

      San Antonio: Spurs basketball, The Big 12 minus 2, Conference USA

      Memphis: Grizzlies basketball, The AAC, The SEC

      Birmingham: The SEC, Conference USA

      Atlanta: Falcons football, Braves baseball, Hawks basketball, Flames…er, I mean United soccer, The SEC, The ACC

      Orlando: Magic basketball, Lions soccer, The AAC, The SEC, The ACC

      It should be noted that Arizona and Atlanta had the worst attendance in the AAF.

      Obviously, at the time you wouldn’t want to put teams in places that already had AAF teams, but that still doesn’t excuse ignoring Oklahoma City, Syracuse, Omaha, Portland, Louisville and Hartford.

      And with the “Spring Football doesn’t work” mentality still in affect, expect MORE empty seats at XFL games! If this league somehow makes it back for 2021, I bet at least half of those teams relocate. Especially Tampa and L.A.!

      And the one city that doesn’t have an NFL team, actually seems LUKEWARM towards the head coach hired for the team. That’s not a good sign. It will especially get worse if the Blues win the Stanley Cup this year!

      Personally, I can’t wait for Vince Jr. having to resort to WWE money to keep this league solvent…and good luck with that as the ratings and attendance continues to decline for that sorry excuse of a wrestling promotion!

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