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More Easter Eggs Found In The St. Louis BattleHawks Logo

St. Louis BattleHawks president Kurt Hunzeker was on Sports on a Sunday Morning with our Tom Ackerman and talked about the BattleHawks logo. We all know about flipping it upside down to reveal the letters STL but there is more.

Hunzeker pointed out that the double-t in BATTLE makes the mathematical symbol for pi, which is 3.141592653. If you take the first three digits in pi which is 314. That is the St. Louis area code. 

You can listen to the full explanation here;

The St. Louis BattleHawks and their very creative and thought out logo take on the Dallas Renegades at 5 pm EST on February 9th. The first BattleHawks home game is February 23rd against the New York Guardians.

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