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Former Seahawk QB Paxton Lynch Still A Free Agent, Next XFL?

Two weeks after NFL cut down day quarterback Paxton Lynch is still without a team. Some in XFL circles believe he could be the next tier 1 QB to sign with the start-up league. The only tier 1 QB signed so far is Landry Jones.

The quarterback backup battle between Lynch and Geno Smith was the most talked-about QB battle in the NFL preseason. Whoever would be the backup to starting QB Russell Wilson, the other would get cut. Head coach Pete Carroll made it clear. The team would only keep one backup QB on the 53 man roster.

Lynch has been in the league too long to sign with their practice squad. He is a former first-round pick of the Denver Broncos in the 2016 NFL draft. Plus with the recent signing of another much talked about potential XFL QB Cardale Jones to the same Seahawks practice squad. Lynch’s days in Seattle are over.

With no other team sweeping up the 25-year-old quarterback, the XFL is most certainly in line for his services.

Lynch played well in the first NFL preseason game but fizzled after. Later he suffered a helmet-to-helmet hit during the teams second preseason game against Minnesota.

XFL Commissioner and CEO Oliver Luck had talked about the Smith vs. Lynch QB battle early in the preseason. Luck told

“One of these guys is going to get cut. There’s a bunch of those going on. We might not get all of those guys, the quote-unquote loser of those, but a Geno or Paxton is not going to end up on a practice squad. “

Was Lynch on some XFL teams QB lists? Houston Ruffnecks head coach June Jones spoke about teams giving a list to the league of their 8 to 9 top QB’s they wanted to sign.

We will soon know because the XFL draft is in mid-October and season ticket packages are going on sale in September. Tier 1 QB’s will have to be in place before then. They are the face of the XFL franchises.

For the XFL it would be an excellent bundle to release their tier 1 QB names, schedule and ticket packages all at the same time.

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