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XFL & NFL Talk Collaboration In Press Release

According to a report by Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal, the XFL and NFL will be collaborating on health and safety and other subjects. One of which is international play.

XFL Co-Owner & Chairwoman Dany Garcia told Fischer the NFL deal validated the XFL’s commitment to innovation and player development.

“I think it’s become very credible, so as a result of that, you get an opportunity like this where you have alignment,” Garcia said. “It’s just bringing truth to who we are and what we stand for.”

Fischer also said that the XFL and NFL have been talking since Q3 of 2021.

“Discussions with the NFL over ways to collaborate began in the third quarter of ’21, XFL President Russ Brandon said.”

The collaboration between the XFL and NFL is now confirmed. Several months ago, Dany Garcia dropped an Easter egg on her Instagram account when she showed a picture of an XFL Ownership guide with something behind it that looked like the NFL logo.

The Rock put out the following tweet on the news.

Here is the full press release;

NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 21, 2022 – The XFL today announced it would collaborate with the NFL on select innovation programs to further expand the game of football and create increased opportunities for player development both on and off the field.

Health and safety will be a principal area of focus in both learning and innovation, with the XFL working with the NFL on forward thinking physical and mental fitness programs for players, the study of playing surfaces and equipment, and the sharing of game trends and data.

 “We are extremely pleased to collaborate with the NFL in these important areas,” said Dany Garcia, Co-Owner and Chairwoman of the XFL. “We are bringing forward an XFL that is progressive and forward-thinking when it comes to innovation, leveraging the newest technology to enhance gameday experience. 

We have an open field for innovative rules to enhance in-game access. Sharing insights and practices between the XFL and NFL will do a tremendous amount of good for the game of football and support the player ecosystem overall.”

Additional avenues for collaboration may include international football development and scouting, as well as officiating, including the testing of different game rules for player protection and enhanced overall play, and of different technologies to enhance officiating.

“The XFL has shown us that innovation is one of its core principles. We are hopeful that this relationship will support further development and improvements in the game of football at all levels.” said Troy Vincent, NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

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