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XFL Ownership Show More League Action on Instagram

Many fans have been (im)patiently waiting for updates about the XFL over this past summer, especially when the talks with the CFL stopped. Information has started to come in at a more rapid pace recently, with CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie stating that the discussions aren’t over, an interview with RedBird’s Rob Klein, and now Dany and Dwayne have posted more about league meetings on their social media.

The 1st picture is from the update from Dany a little over a week ago, in it, she says:

“The enormity of relaunching this league combined with the complex strategy and partnerships executions we are cultivating for the benefit of our athletes and audiences is a 24/7 impacting event. While it is no small task and we are months from hitting the field, it’s humbling to see that following my passions has had such a positive impact in other people’s lives. It gives me joy to hear that this acquisition inspired others to take a leap in their own careers.”

Dany Garcia

The other 2 are from today’s flight to New York to meet with RedBird Capital. Recently, Rob Klein from RBC did an interview about why they’re taking their time building the league:

“We delayed it, clearly to make sure the foundations are in place. When I say foundations, we’re talking about things like media rights and distribution and sponsorship and franchises in different markets and what families or institutions may want to participate in franchises.

Rob Klein RedBird Captial

We’ve seen what’s happened with the AAF, rushing things to beat the XFL to the game. Even The SPring League had issues last October. But this is the progress we wanted. they’re meeting, and often, and even Ambrosie said the talks could resume after the CFL season.

This is good news for XFL fans. It’s showing that they’re not just in it to flip it for a profit. Dwayne and Dany mean business.

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