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Top XFL Quarterbacks That Should Return For 2021 Season

We lost two of the biggest names the league had in 2020, QBs PJ Walker, and Jordan Ta’amu. These two helped the Roughnecks and the Battlehawks, respectively, be the top teams in the XFL. Leaving the QB talent pool a little empty. There is still a lot of talent left at the quarterback position that should return.

Over 45 players left the XFL for the NFL. I’m also sure, that even though the league has just been bought out of bankruptcy by some really influential people in the entertainment and sports industry, there will be some players that won’t want to come back.

We’ve already talked about the guys in the NFL that could make a splash in the XFL, but what about the ones that were left? That didn’t get a shot on one of the 32 rosters?

Statistically, Ta’amu and Walker were in the top three in passing yards, top 5 in completion percentage, and top 4 in touchdowns. But just because there are others that were ranked high in those stats, doesn’t mean they were doing a great job at their position.

Now, we know there will be guys that didn’t cut it in the NFL come and play this spring, calling Cole McDonald, and maybe even NDSU’s Trey Lance, but that’s another article. There also could be more guys from the college ranks that need tape before the NFL draft, if their season gets canceled. But again, That’s for another time.

Here are my top 8 QBs to take starting jobs from within the XFL:

Brandon Silvers

8. Brandon Silvers – Seattle Dragons

As much as Silvers struggled, he also had his bright spots. I have him at 8, because he was the starter at the beginning of the season, and played quite a bit. I do, however see someone else taking the starting job from him, just not someone else in the league.

BJ Daniels

7. BJ Daniels – Houston Roughnecks

Many people thought Daniels should have been the starter in Seattle, but for whatever reason, he wasn’t. I have him being traded to Houston because he has some of the same skills Walker had. Maybe not as flashy, and his accuracy isn’t what PJ showed, but the dual-threat ability, his leadership, and will to win put him in a great position to continue the success in Houston. That is, if they retain most of their skill players.

If they want to try to continue the style of offense they had last year, Daniels works better than their draft pick, Connor Cook.

Taylor Cornelius

6. Taylor Cornelius – Tampa Bay Vipers

Aaron Murray began the season as the Vipers starter, but the team just couldn’t find any rhythm. When Murray went down. Cornelius stepped in, and although it took him a game to get going, the Vipers ended on a high note. A lot of that was because of improved QB play.

They might’ve ended 1-4, but the last 2 games they lost (against LA and Houston) were close, and Cornelius played well. Don’t forget that 1 win was against who many thought was the best defense in the game at the time.

Tyree Jackson

5. Tyree Jackson – St. Louis Battlehawks

Ta’amu is gone. So the Battlehawks will be looking to fill that gap. I know that Jackson sits behind Cardale Jones at the moment, or at least when the season ended. So this would also need to facilitate a trade, but if you’re gonna look for a guy to take over where Ta’amu left off within the league, it has to be Jackson.

Both had similar numbers in college, yeah, Ta’amu played at Ole Miss, while Jackson went to Buffalo. When you look at what Jackson did in the MAC, it’s comparable to how Ta’amu’s time went in the SEC. Lesser competition, higher numbers. Both are dual-threats, and can win games for your club.

Landry Jones

4. Landry Jones – Dallas Renegades

Jones missed the first game, but still managed to get the Renegades into 2nd place in the West, and he was top 5 in all of the important categories. Inconsistency led him to be tied for 1st in interceptions, one you don’t want to lead. But Jones can win games. When we get back to playing, he’s the guy that should be behind center. Again, if we’re just pulling from current/former available players.

Luis Perez

3. Luis Perez – NY Guardians

Perez started as the face of the LA Wildcats, but when Josh Johnson came into the fold, Luis saw himself shipped off to New York. When he got there though, he sat behind Matt McGloin, and Marquise Williams. Well, until he didn’t.

Perez started the last 2 games of the shortened season, winning both. Even with sitting the 1st 3, he ended up with 418 yards, 3-1 TD-INT ratio, and a 62% completion percentage. When the league restarts, and if Perez is still ready to play, he needs to be the starter.

Cardale Jones

2. Cardale Jones – DC Defenders

Jones got off to an amazing start. The last couple of games though, he came back down to earth. Now, that is not a reason to search for a new QB. Jones proved he is the best option in that offense, so when we get back to it, he should be the guy slinging it around the field.

Josh Johnson

1. Josh JohnsonLA Wildcats

Like Landry Jones, Johnson missed the first game because of an injury. But unlike Jones, Johnson didn’t show as many inconsistencies. Even with missing the 1st game, he was able to throw for 1076 yards, 11-2 TD-INTs, and a 60% completion percentage.

Of the QBs left in the league, he is arguably the best, so we shouldn’t expect the Wildcats to want to make a change from Johnson. He’s already went public with the fact that he wanted to league to come back under new ownership, so, we know he’s IN for another season.

More Will Be Revealed

There will be changes made, regardless of when or how we get the 2021 season started. At least until the 21st, we do not know what the structure will look like.

Many players left for NFL and CFL opportunities, and some are sure to not want to risk another premature shutdown. Even though the CFL has canceled their season.

We could even see a complete shakeup of player personnel, although that seems highly unlikely. Fans probably won’t support that.

But make no mistake, we will be playing ball in the spring. All signs point to the new owners getting the ship ready to go for our next voyage with the XFL. And I for one, cannot wait.

For the Love of Football.

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Content creator, that lives in Virginia Beach. Father of 3 amazing girls, lover of all things football. Trying to add my voice to the mix. #ForTheLoveOfFootball #SilenceIsNotAnOption

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jon Dinan

    August 21, 2020 at 7:47 pm

    This league deserves a chance..The short season was competitive and entertaining….Let’s make it work this time…There is interest and room for this Football league.

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