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New XFL Head Coach Anthony Becht Talks About The Rock, Team Cities, And His Vision

ON TUESDAY, new XFL Head Coach Anthony Becht was a guest on WDAE 95.3’s Ronnie & T Kras show. Becht, who has been a frequent guest on the popular Tampa-based morning show, was asked several interesting questions about the XFL and his future by host Tom Krasniqi.

You can hear the full interview in its entirety at this link.

Of the eight head coaches, XFL Co-Owners Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson announced last week on ESPN. Anthony Becht was the name that raised a signature ‘Rock like’ eyebrow. The football lifer as a player, coach, mentor, and broadcaster wasn’t on many people’s radars, making his appointment as an XFL head coach all the more fascinating.

Early on in the hiring and vetting process by the XFL. The XFL’s new leadership group was interested in expanding its search for head coaches beyond the traditional hiring practices employed over the years. They were willing to broaden their scope to all types of potential candidates that most football franchises or leagues would typically overlook.

Anthony Becht was considered a dark horse and longshot candidate as a coach in the league. But Becht emerged as a legitimate candidate after wowing the XFL’s brass in the interview process. So much so that they’ve given him a prime opportunity to be one of the faces of the rebranded XFL.

Here are some of the topics covered in new head coach Anthony Becht’s interview on WDAE.

Becoming A Head Coach In The XFL

Anthony Becht talked extensively about the journey that led to a new chapter of his football life. Becht said that his hiring by the XFL was a long 18-month process, and he acknowledged that some could classify his hire as an outside-the-box choice. But then cited many of the things he feels have prepared him to be a first-time pro football head coach.

Anthony Becht cited his 12-year playing career in the NFL. His experiences coaching in high school and the AAF, in yearly college all-star games, and his work with the NFLPA and the NFL legends community on and off the field for several years as a mentor and teacher behind the scenes. Anthony Becht also pointed to his recent work at the NFL combine with draft prospects.

Another aspect that Anthony Becht mentioned in his WDAE interview that he feels will help him transition to being a head coach is the relationships he has developed over the years working with players, coaches, and football personnel. As a former player, assistant coach, and broadcaster.

Becht also talked about how spring pro football is something that he is very passionate about. He described coaching young players to fulfill their pro dreams as “the truest form of coaching“.

Anthony Becht also revealed that he already has a great list of coaching candidates for his staff in the XFL. Becht promises that there will be some very good names on his list that will help make his team successful.

What Team Will Anthony Becht Coach In The XFL?

During Tuesday’s interview, WDAE host Tom Krasniqi asked Anthony Becht the magic question, If he has been given any indication of what team he will be coaching in the XFL?

Becht told Krasniqi that it’s still news to be had moving forward. The XFL’s leadership group is still working diligently on the logistics and working toward picking the best cities.

Krasniqi also asked about the possibility of Tampa, a 2020 league market being an option for Becht as head coach.

Anthony Becht thinks that Tampa would be a great option if they are one of the cities considered. Becht is unsure if Tampa will be in the mix. But he is looking forward to seeing what the summer brings in terms of decisions from league ownership.

Recently sources have indicated that the XFL has been pivoting from having a potential fully-fledged hub setting for the league. And leaning more towards setting up central league headquarters in Texas for all eight teams. The idea is that teams would practice together and have mini and training camps in Texas before playing games in local markets during the season.

Meeting The Rock

When asked if he had met with The Rock by WDAE producer and host Zac Blobner, Becht says that he hasn’t met with Dwayne Johnson in person yet. However, all the XFL 2023 head coaches are supposed to meet with Johnson this coming week. Becht also mentioned league owners, RedBird Capital Partners and Dany Garcia in his interactions.

Becht talked about how much he respects Dwayne for his what he has done in his career and his vision for the XFL as a former highly recruited prospect at the University of Miami, who never got an opportunity to live his dream as a professional football player.

Becht called working with Dwayne Johnson surreal and that he is looking forward to breaking bread with him and the rest of the league’s coaches in this week’s face-to-face group meeting.

All XFL coaches are supposed to meet with Dwayne Johnson and league leadership in Texas to go over the next big steps for the league in the coming months.

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I am a pro football writer who has extensively covered and reported on multiple leagues over the years. I started covering the XFL back in 2001. You can follow me on Twitter @byMikeMitchell

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