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Freeze Frame: Which XFL Team Is Which?

The XFL announced on social media Sunday morning that teams’ names and logos would be announced on Halloween morning. Now it’s about the guessing game for the next 24 hours on which team is which.

On Twitter Sunday morning, the XFL posted on their profile a short video announcing that team names and logos would be announced on Halloween at 8:00 am EST.

Some of the content that was on the video includes comments made by XFL fans over the last few months waiting on the league to make the announcement on team names and logos. It also included multiple images showing a small portion of the team logos. Fans are able to see at least the color scheme of each logo and can make a determination on which team is each based on that.

Examining Partial XFL Team Logos

XFL Arlington

This seems to be one of the simpler logos as it is clear that the color scheme matches the XFL Arlington team. Much speculation has been the team will return to the Renegades name as Dany Garcia dropped a subtle hint during the XFL Town Hall in Arlington back in July. It appears all signs are pointing toward the Renegades making a return to the 2023 XFL version.


One note to make during the short video made by the league is a comment made by a fan saying they should keep the DC Defenders‘ name. This snippet of an image matches the DC color scheme which should result in the DC team. It would come as no surprise that the Defenders should make a return as well.

XFL St. Louis

Another obvious one is the color scheme matches the St. Louis colors. Even the small pattern we see in the image would match the exact same pattern as the Battlehawks logo from back in 2020. The Battlehawks name is one of the most recognizable names and logos in recent professional sports history. St. Louis has embraced the name and logo so changing it would be a major upset.

XFL Seattle

The green and blue combination is a direct match to the Seattle Dragons team from back in 2020. Similar to St. Louis, the pattern is the same outline as the Dragons logo. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Dragons are back with Seattle. The real question comes as to if the team will be called the Dragons is the Sea Dragons as some have speculated.

XFL Houston

This one will be the interesting one as fans already know that based on the color scheme, this should be Houston. It matches the red and blue they used for the Roughnecks logo in 2020. Now what will be the question is not the team name, but the logo. Roughnecks should be the name still, but due to the trademark dispute with the NFL, they will have to change the logo. It’ll be interesting to see what the new logo will look like.

XFL San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the new locations for the 2023 XFL season. Fans know based on the color scheme that this will be the San Antonio team as they are the only ones with yellow and black as the colors. Their team name has been rumored to be the Brahmas, but nothing has been confirmed. While fans know the colors, it remains to be seen what the logo and the team name are going to be.

XFL Las Vegas

The red and black are the colors that match the Las Vegas team that is on their website so it would be no surprise that this should be out of Vegas. Rumors of the team name have been possibly the Vipers heading to Nevada. Should this be the case, it means they are changing the colors of the team that was previously in Tampa Bay back in 2020.

XFL Orlando

This one is the biggest mystery for the XFL as this appears to match the Guardians’ old logo that was attached to the New York team in the 2020 season. The XFL seems to want to keep the logo as it is another logo that shined for the XFL. One problem is the colors don’t match what Orlando has on the XFL website. The distinct green color is missing from the logo. Where will it come in? Speculation is the Orlando team will have the Guardian team name so Monday will determine how it all works.

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Anthony Miller is a credential reporter and writer for XFL NewsHub. Anthony writes about the NFL, specifically the Philadelphia Eagles. Follow Anthony on Twitter @ByAnthonyMiller.

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