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Five Offensive Players the XFL Should Target from the FCF

The Fan Controlled Football has a unique way of finding talent. Which is why they are able to unearth some Diamonds in the Rough. Here are 5 players that the XFL should look to sign.

As we all know the XFL is coming back in 2023, with that came the announcement that the league would again hold showcases. In the showcases and along the way we’ve got an announcements From players looking to the XFL for their next opportunity in the football world.

FCF offers lots of talent

Among these announcements, have been several fan controlled football league players. These are just any players either, these are some of the most prominent players in the league from Season 2.0. With names like Martavis Bryant, Brycen Alleyne, Big Joe Koletta, or countless others. 

This begs the question of all the FCF players going to the XFL Showcases, and making themselves available for the XFL draft which of these names should be XFL bring it for their 2023 season?

Top Five XFL Worthy Players 

Let’s start with the most obvious one, Terrell Owens…just kidding. He will not be attending. The most obvious name is Martavis Bryant. Bryant is a former 4th round pick by the NFL in 2014. It wasn’t long before he outplayed his draft status, then only a few years later he gave us a glimpse into why he fell in the draft. 

The 6 foot four 210 pound receiver had a couple dominant seasons at the NFL level. That was until, he may had issues passing drug tests. However the talent was undeniable. In Bryant‘s first three NFL games he put up five reception touchdowns which was a record for any player in the first three games.

He went on to score eight touchdowns on just 26 receptions, averaging 21.1 yards per reception and NFL leading mark in 2014. The suspensions began in year 2, he would miss the first four weeks of the season for suspension. Then the 2016 season was lost to suspension as well. 

He returned in 2017 to tease his talent but his NFL career had nearly run its course by then. Bryant was again suspended in 2019 this time indefinitely. This led him down a new path, first bouncing around the CFL, then ultimately ending up signing with the FCF in 2022 mid season. In four games Bryant had 17 targets with 8 receptions for 93 yards 2 tds, and 1 2 pt conversion. The thing here is Bryant was invited straight to the draft pool. The XFL knows what they’re getting in Bryant and I believe given this opportunity he might finally realize his talent in the XFL.

Next man on this list:

RB Brycen Alleyne

If you follow me on Twitter @SamShadySports, you have seen my thoughts on Brycen Alleyne. However, for those that have not, it’s quite simple. I believe Alleyne will follow in the footsteps of another recent FCF running back. Kavonte Turpin of the USFL’s New Jersey Generals. 

Turpin was able to parlay a solid season in the FCF into a USFL contract, and now after one season, and an MVP Award on his resume, Turpin sets his sights on the NFL. Meanwhile a man who is similarly electric, Brycen Alleyne has looked to the XFL Showcases after leading the FCF in rushing his first season with the league. 

Alleyne is one of those players that has seemed to just slip through the cracks. Playing at Delaware State University, Alleyne showed his versatility and drew comparisons to NFL greats Darren Sproles and Austin Eckler. All three of these men might be short in stature, but they run with power, fill countless roles on their squad, and are home run threats every time they touch the ball. 

This skill was evident in season 2.0 when the man known as “Alleyne Cuisine” was the one feasting, with 9 total touchdowns in just 7 games. For those that watched him average over 1,000 yards a season on just 140 touches a year during college, this came as no surprise. Now with a season of FCF under his belt he hopes to draw more eyes to the FCF by making a name for himself in the XFL.

Many FCF fans will be sad to see this man leave the FCF, myself included but the bigger picture here should be clear. If FCF guys continue to get opportunities elsewhere the best free agent players will look to the FCF as the premier arena league to get them into a higher form of football which isn’t a bad thing when they’re competing with the IFL, CIF, NAL, and countless other arena leagues for talent. 

WR Andrew Jamiel 

How does a receiver compared to Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, and Julian Edelman sound? At 5’10 185 lbs Jamiel got hit with that dreaded small school bias when it came to the NFL and his draft stock. 

If I have one consistent complaint with the NFL at this point, it’s their utter lack of any attention given to the division 2 or 3 levels. They simply look over guys due to their level of competition. Sometimes we need to just trust our eyes when we see a guy who can play. 

Andrew Jamiel can play, and if you needed evidence he had four straight seasons with 60 or more receptions, 698 or more yards, and 3 touchdowns over a four season stretch. Leaving college with 308 receptions, 3,639 reception yards and 30 touchdowns.

This is also where he developed his signature move. This particular juke move involves Jamiel reversing field so quickly that opponents simply can’t match his change of direction. If you want to succeed as a slot receiver at the XFL level, agility, and reliability are key. No FCF receiver tops Jamiel in either category. 

QB DeOndre Francois 

Solid quarterback play is a must. So when I heard Francois would be attending I was certainly excited. Francois was no small school player coming out of college. He attended Florida State University from 2015-2018 before attending Hampton in 2019. 

Francois and Jamiel have similar backgrounds. Francois was a member of the Glacier Boyz along with Jamiel in season 1. Then both players went to the Brian Woods led Spring League to close out the 2021 season, before returning again to the Glacier Boyz to begin the season. 

Ultimately fans decided to franchise tag Jamiel and Alleyne rather than their QB. Francois moved on to the Bored Ape Football Club which he in turn led to the Championship Game falling just short of the Zappers. 

Francois ended up 6th in the league in passing but missed time due to injury. He would total 375 passing yards on just 53 attempts. He protected the ball with 6 tds, to just 1 int. He also has one of the higher yards per completion averages in the league with 15.63. 

His true value is as a dual threat qb. He led the league in yards per carry of any player with more than double digit carries at 7.29 yards. He had 226 yards, and 6 tds on the ground. 

If there is one thing that we learned from the USFL, it’s that quality line play is hard to find. Meaning quarterbacks who protect the ball, limit mistakes, and can hurt a defense with their feet should be at a premium in the XFL. 

Joe Kaleta OL/DL

With that being said it’s only fitting that the final name on this list is “Big” Joe Kaleta is a 6’9 340 lb offensive tackle who can also play guard as well. Kaleta has been growing into the football world since he was 6 years old. 

The thing is Koleta can play offense or defense. He has experience playing nose tackle on defense in addition to his play on the offensive line. At 6’9 340 lbs, he isn’t known for foot speed, or lateral agility but what he lacks in those departments he makes up in strength. 

If there is another strength to his game it’s his insanely long arms, this helps him get inside a defenders frame without them being able to touch him. This makes for an upper hand specifically in the run game where he is asked to maul defenders. He is however no slouch in the passing game either. 

As stated before quality offensive line Play is hard to find on this level. With that being said, big Joe’s experience at the FCS level cannot be discounted. What are the main things that NFL coaches typically complain about when it comes to offense of line play coming out of college, is there lack of experience in the run game. 

That’s no issue for Kaleta who feels right at home running a defender 20 yards down field as the lead blocker for his running back. I expect we see him somewhere in the XFL in 2023. Likely as a guard to allow him to focus on using his strength rather than his speed on every play. Regardless his name should be called on draft day. 

Honorable Mention:

WR Cedric Byrd

RB Daryl Virgies

RB Shun Thomas

TE Tommy Auger

OL Jonathon Irazarry 

QB Chris Barrett

Stay tuned for my Five defensive players they NEED to sign next week! 

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