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XFL Showcase Attendee List, Who Is Attending The Six Events

In 2023 we will watch as the XFL launches for a third time. However, first they need to locate the player pool to hold their crucial initial draft. That’s where the six player showcases come in. They will act as a way for XFL, and presumably NFL scouts to find diamonds in the rough. We have seen this model produce some names before. Who will be the break out players in 2023? Check out this list to get an early indication of who might be the names to watch in #XFL3.0.

Year Round Football in 2023

With every launch of a new league, comes new opportunities for players. Many fans often say things like “there isn’t enough talent to go around” or “these new leagues will affect the talent pool for the CFL”. While they might be right about the latter point, they couldn’t be more wrong about the first.

Every year around 700 players get the call from NFL teams on or shortly after draft day. Every year NFL and CFL rosters inflate for training camp, and without fail these rosters must be trimmed down to the league maximums for the season. This means that all around the same time we see hundreds of players suddenly looking for jobs.

This has always resulted in a pool of free agents. Some of which may not have played in any league for years at times. However that’s all about to change in 2023. In 2023 assuming some factors remain as they stand, we are heading toward a full calendar year of outdoor football thanks to the launch of the XFL.

The XFL in 2020 launched the week after the Super Bowl, which is a model many expect them to follow once again. Their season ran for a total of about 2-3 months. Meaning they will have completely wrapped up in May. In April the USFL kicks off season 2, assuming Fox doesn’t pull the plug. The USFL carries us into CFL season, which then overlaps with the NFL season. NFL carries us all the way full circle back to XFL season. Rinse and Repeat, rinse and repeat.

XFL Showcases:

With the highly anticipated launch of the XFL comes a series of XFL showcases. Six events, staged around the country to draw the best of the best free agent talents and put them on display for the XFL 3.0’s first season. Already less than a week away from the announcement many players from leagues around the world, and free agents alike will be chasing their dream in these showcases.

Today I bring to you a comprehensive list compiled with the help of the players themselves whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, or Discord. I sent out posts everywhere I could find in search of players looking to attend these showcases. More than 50 players responded, and the number is growing by the day.

Check out the list below, and familiarize yourself with the players who may be populating XFL rosters in 2023 and beyond thanks to these showcases.

Shout out to: Mike Mitchell and XFL Analyst

Attendee List

XFL Showcase List
Name/DOB:PositionMeasurablesCollegeMost Recent Pro TeamMost Recent Pro LeagueSocial MediaFilm LinksLocation AttendedSecondary Position
Justin Arth 6/11/98QB6'1 200 lbsTexas WesleyanTuscon Sugar Skulls IFL
Tyrone Jones 12/22/95QB6'2 200 lbsUniversity of West FloridaGulf Coast GatorsADPFL
Chris Barrett 01/23/94QB6'2 210 lbsUrsinusGlacier BoyzFCF DCnone
Shannon Patrick QB 6'2 210 lbsBethune-Cookmanrookierookie
Landon Noe 10/25/98QBButte College/Valencia CollegeSan Antonio GunslingersNAL
Tj Edwards 03/19/97QB6'0 205 lbsUniversity of IndianapolisFrisco FightersIFL
David PindellQB6'2 210 lbsUconnTSL DCAthlete
Vincent Espinoza 11/30/93QB6'3 205 lbsWest Hills Community CollegeIowa BarnstormersIFL
Jay Remmenga 10/27/92QB6'5 265 lbsUniversity of Rhode IslandOmaha BeefCIF DCAthlete
Geremy Hickbottom 07/01/97QB6'5 230 lbsGrambling Staterookierookie (HCBU)Athlete
David WatfordQB6'2 212 lbsHamptonHamilton Tiger-CatsCFL DCRB/WR
Graham KellyQB6'7 245 lbsMount AllisonHamilton Tiger-CatsCFL
Ross Robertson 06/11/93RB5'8 190 lbsArizona Christian UniversityArizona SpartansArizona Cactus Football League
George Smith 09/28/2001RB6'0 205 lbsCopiah Lincoln CCMississippi RaidersAIFA
RaeKwan McClinnahanRB6'3 215 lbsSaint Mary's UniversityPennsylvania UnionAAL DCLB/SS/FB
Derrington Abner Jr. 03/16/94RB5'9 197 lbsLiberty UniversityOrlando PredatorsNAL
Brycen Alleyene 03/04/97RB5'6 170 lbsDelaware State UniversityGlacier BoyzFCF DCKR/PR
Shannon Warren 09/05/98RB5'10 214 lbsHoward Payne UniversityBillings OutlawsCIF
Antwan Shipp 10/20/96RB5'10 180 lbsCapital Universityrookierookie
Corey Brown Jr. 02/25/93RB5'8 200 lbsChowan UniversityLas Vegas RaidersNFL
Adrain Portlock Jr. 07/11/97RB5'9 200 lbsAlabama A&M Chihuahua CaudillosFAM
Earl Stoudemire Jr.RB5'8 208 lbsMorehead State Universityrookierookie
Marcus Wilson 01/06/99RB5'11 237 lbsSalisbury Universityrookierookie DCFB
Christian Caviness RB6'0 200 lbsBethany Community CollegeWest Texas WarbirdsCIF
DJ AbnarRB5'10 185 lbsLiberty Universityrookierookie
Kyle PorterRB5'9 210 lbsHoustonrookierookie
Javontae MatthewRB5'10 190 lbsrookierookie
Anthony DiDonato 12/6/98FB5'11 230 lbsNotre Damerookierookie
Treydonte Hill 5/9/95WR5'8 180 lbsMt. Saint Antonio CollegeZappersFCF or TexasRB/KR/PR/DB
Spensirr Howard 07/22/98WR6'0 170 lbsSouthwesternWitchita ForceCIF
William Danderson 05/21/93WR6'0 195 lbsCentral University of OklahomaJoplin Crusaders
Brian Wright 09/03/98WR6'3 217 lbsDelaware Valley Universityrookierookie
Sam Mobley WR5'10 176 lbsCatawbaHouston RoughnecksXFL DC?KR/PR
Dontez ByrdWR5'11 180 lbsTennesee Tech Seattle DragonsXFL DC or MississippiKR/PR
Riley Smith WR5'9 178 lbsWest Texas A&MSan Antonio CommandersAAF
Andrew Jamiel 05/01/97WR5'10 175 lbsStonehill CollegeGlacier Boyz FCF on FCF obligationsKR/PR
Kevin GreenhowWR6'3 195 lbsCentral State Universityrookierookie
Kevin Chism 08/17/92WR5'11 180 lbsLindenwood UniversityRapid City MarshallsCIF
Dredick Snelson 03/28/98WR6'0 195 lbsUCFJacksonville JaguarsNFL
Kyle Castilleja 5/23/96WR5'10 188 lbsTexas A&MGeneralsTSL
Shamar Graves 05/11/87WR6'3 230 lbsRutgers Carolina CobrasNAL DCTE/FB
Daeton Mullins 4/20/02WR6'2 195 lbsNo CollegeMissouri Warriors
Harrison Dreher 02/03/98WR5'9 184 lbsLackawanaGlacier Boyz FCF
Lerenzo Brandon Ihanza 11/5/96WR6'1 197lbs Saint Mary's UniversityPorvoon ButchersMaple League Finland
Darion Johnson 8/20/97WR6'1 185 lbsEast Texas Baptist Universityrookierookie
Nakia Brown 6/5/95 (Former Armed Forces Member)WR5'10 190 lbsNavarro CollegeWenatchee Valley SkyhawksAWFC
Joey Fisher 08/18/89WR6'2 215 lbsBlinn CollegeSan Antonio GunslingersAAL
Charles Headen 01/07/98WR5'8 185 lbsSouthern Methodist UniversitySaskatchewan RoughridersCFL
Cam Odom 10/13/97WR6'2 190 lbsOhio Universityrookierookie
Samuel Akem 08/14/97WR6'3 210 lbsUniversity of Montanarookierookie
Quentin Harrison 03/16/98WR6'3 205 lbsCal Poly-San Luis Obisporookierookie teams
Cedric Byrd II 05/01/98WR5'9 175 lbsUniversity of HawaiiGlacier Boyz FCF or HawaiiKR/PR
Phillip Harding WR6'2 195 lbsSaint Vincent Collegerookierookie DCnone
John SantiagoWR5'9 183 lbsNorth DakotaSeattle DragonsXFL
Caleb EagansWR5'9 185 lbsEast Texas Baptist Universityrookierookie
Chauncey GreerWR6'0 195 lbsKentucky Wesleyanrookierookie
Prince Shonola 01/22/91WR5'9 174 lbsRocky Mountain College San Diego Strike ForceIFL
Joe Morrow 9/3/92WR6'5 211 lbsMississippi State UniversityCarolina CobrasNAL
Ryan Alessandro Herrera 08/21/94WR6'0 197 lbsLock Haven Universityrookierookie
Cortrelle SimpsonWR5'9 187 lbsRichmondOttawa RedblacksCFL DCRB/KR/PR
Korey Banks Jr.WR6'0 195 lbsNorth Carolina A&Trookierookie
Dj MyersWR6'3 198 lbsMidwestern StateOrlando PredatorsNAL DCLB/DB
Octayvius MilesWR5'10 180 lbsAlabama A&MFrisco FightersIFL
Jordan Williams 08/08/94WR6'1 190 lbsKnights of DegenFCF
Cam White WR6'1 200 lbsTCUWest Texas WarbirdsAFA
Dorian Bowie 12/21/96WR6'2 210 lbsRobert Morris Universityrookierookie DCTE/RB
Jamar Washington WR5'7 165 lbsSouthern Universityrookierookie
Javon HayesWR5'10 180 lbsFairmont Staterookierookie DCRB/KR/PR
Tommy Auger 12/12/96TE6'3 243 lbsSt. John's UniversityKnights of DegenFCF
Jake Sutherland 02/18/96TE6'5 255 lbsMorehead StateNew York GuardiansXFL
Derrick Malone 02/28/97TE6'5 260 lbsOhio State Universityrookierookie DCnone
Kenshay Cunningham 04/19/96TE6'3 260 lbsCentral Methodist UniversityQueen City AsylumMDFL
Kalias Robertson 09/12/95TE6'4 238 lbsAlabama A&MLos Angeles WildcatsXFL
Dj Park 2/15/95OG6'5 320 lbsUniversity of South CarolinaTSL GeneralsThe Spring League
Brandon Nicholson 07/14/98OT6'4 325 lbsNotre Damerookierookie
Avery YoungOT6'6 306 lbsAuburnConquerorsTSL
Beau Morris OT6'5 300 lbsSouthern Methodist Universityrookierookie
KJ Malone (son of Karl Malone) 5/8/95OT6'4 321 lbsLSUrookierookie
Jonathan IrazarryOT6'4 300 lbsMississippi Valley State8okiFCF
Felipe C. Castillo 25 years oldOL6'3 315 lbsColumbus LionsNAL
Jay Kennedy 03/10/95DE6'7 285 lbsNo collegeIdaho HorsemanAWFC at this timeTexasDT
Khyrii WatfordDE6'5 265 lbsNo collegeWorcester WildcatsNEFL at this time???LB/DT
Warren Thomas 06/14/97DE6'3 265 lbsMidland University (NE)Sioux Falls StormIFL
Rashad Payne 02/24/96DE6'4 248 lbsUCFSan Antonio GunslingersNAL
Chase DeMoor 06/12/96DE6'5 250 lbsCentral WashingtonMichigan Panthers USFL
Dalan Cofer 08/11/98DE6'2 230 lbsKentucky Wesleyanrookierookie DCOLB/MLB
Ryan MuellerDE6'2 250 lbsKansas StateNew York GuardiansXFL
Abu Kaikai 02/16/97EDGE6'1 240 lbsGlenville State Universityrookierookie DCLB/FB
Cam HallEDGE6'0 235 lbsElmhurst CollegeLouisville ExtremeIFLArizonaLB
Markos Katrakavis 09/04/95DT5'11 290 lbsMcDaniel CollegeWyoming MustangsCIF DCFB/TE/DE
Nick James 07/24/93DT6'5 305 lbsMississippi StateHouston RoughnecksXFL DE
Wesley Jefferies 12/26/96DT6'3 300 lbsMississippi Collegerookierookie DE
Jordan HillLB6'1 240 lbsHarvardrookierookie DCEdge
Keonte HamptonLB6'2 220 lbsJackson Staterookierookie
William Cummings 01/10/94LB6'0 220 lbsNorthwestern StateCardinalsAPDFL
Khalil Patterson 11/18/96LB6'0 220 lbsMethodist Universityrookierookie
Daysean Poulson 01/27/97LB6'0 200 lbsNo CollegeDelco ScorpionsGSFL DCSS
Brooklyn Hardiman 09/11/97LB6'2 230 lbsNorthern Arizona Universityrookierookie
Deion Christian 09/01/97LB6'2 225 lbsPratt Community College (ran track)Detroit CougarsRPFL at this timeTexasSS/TE/FB
Danny George 12/28/98MLB6'2 225 lbsAnna Maria Collegerookierookie DCOLB/SS
Hennessey Thomas 06/22/98LB6'2 238 lbsSaint Mary's Universityrookierookie
Royce SeeLB6'0 210 lbsSam Houston Athleticsrookierookie
Cecil CherryLB6'0 240 lbsTexasHeavy Hitters Defensive UnitFCF
Tre ThreatOLB6'3 260 lbsAuburn UniversityMichigan PanthersUSFL
Max Davis LB5'11 230 lbsUniversity of IndianapolisBeastsFCF DCSS/EDGE
Jalen James 5/4/98LB6'0 241 lbsBenedictinerookierookie
Kam Stevens 12/27/92LB6'1 255 lbsN/AHanover RhinosACFA DCEdge
Dekoven Ware 05/18/94LB6'3 230 lbsDelta State UniversityTampa Bay CyclonesAIFA
Tony "The Joker" Sanders 10/19/96LB5'9 215 lbsBridgewaterrookierookie DCSS/EDGE
Vaughn Taylor Jr.LB6'3 248 lbsKansasrookierookie DCEDGE
Justin WilsonLB6'1 217 lbsMichiganrookierookie DCSS/CB
Ezekiel Barnett LB6'2 218 lbsLouisiana TechChicago BearsNFL
Damian Francis 05/26/95CB6'1 210 lbsTexas Wesleyanrookierookie
Kevin Estime 08/21/93CB5'11 190 lbsNorth Dakota State College of ScienceKnights of DegenFCF
Mathew Stephenson 04/12/99CB5'9 177 lbsCSU Pueblorookierookie
Ethan Graubard 04/02/97CB6'0 185 lbsAllegheny CollegeOregon High Desert StormAWFC or ArizonaFS/SS/LB
Alonzo Craighton 06/28/97DB6'2 200 lbsUniversity of Northern Alabamarookierookie
Aj Dorsey 08/07/96CB5'10 190 lbsTuskegee UniversityTexas JetsInd
Damar'ren Mitchell 10/6/96CB5'11 186 lbsColorado Mesa Universityrookierookie
Kevin Simmons 12/18/91CB6'0 191 lbsUniversity of LynchburgTri-City RushAWFC & TexasFS/SS
De'Angelo Lindsey 09/04/96CB5'10 190 lbsColorado Mesa Universityrookierookie
Vosean CrumbieCB6'2 185 lbsNevadarookierookie
Shedrick KirkCB6'2 205 lbsKentucky Wesleyanrookierookie
Jeremiah Johnson 08/08/98CB5'10 180 lbsJacksonville Universityrookierookie
Pat Minenok 12/18/97DB5'10 210 lbsYoungstownrookierookie
Nate Jones 01/01/98DB5'10 185 lbsMethodist Universityrookierookie
Brandon Mayes 05/22/95DB5'11 205 lbsNorthern IllinoisGeneralsTSL
Jordan Burney 07/09/97DB6'2 205 lbsWest Chester Universityrookierookie
Timothy Harrell 09/18/95DB6'0 195 lbsMichigan Staterookierookie
Jamari "Bam" LuguerreDB6'0 185 lbsBethune-Cookman UniversityNFL
Quentin FraiserDB6'1 195 lbsHawaiirookierookie
Ahmad Lyons 12/02/98DB5'9 185 lbs Wagnerrookierookie
Mantriel ReavesDB6'2 200 lbsTowsonrookierookie
Ryan McIntyreDB5'11 200 lbsTusculumrookierookie
Isaiah Crawford 29 years oldDB6'1 185 lbsJUCOTampa Bay Tornadoes
Antwaine Carter Jr.DB6'3 197 lbsTowson Carolina CobrasNAL DCSafety/LB
Kenneth McGruder 12/26/96DB6'1 212 lbsOklahoma State UniversityAlbany EmpireNAL
Onshai Smith 01/05/95DB5'9 190 lbsN/AIowa Warhawks DCSafety
Kjamus Sanders 07/11/96DB5'11 172 lbsCentral State Universityrookierookie
Trevon LambertDB6'5 225 lbsVentura College rookierookie
Brandon Brooks 01/03/97CB6'2 191 lbsUniversity of NevadaFCF
Nah'Shon GodfreyDB6'4 180 lbsMcDaniel Collegerookierookie DCSafety/LB
Angel Medel 11/09/2000K/P5'11 190 lbsArlington Baptist UniversityArlington Long Horns off specialist
Ernesto Lacayo 05/05/89K/P5'8 180 lbsHastingsArizona RattlersIFL off specialist
Craig Peterson 07/18/85K/P6'3 220 lbsCortland (soccer)Massachusetts PiratesIFL off specialist
Erik Lawson 9/26/95LS6'4 250 lbsEast Carolina UniversityJoustersTSL

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  1. Bryant Snead

    May 17, 2022 at 12:04 am

    Hey how’s it going? My name is Bryant Snead from Birmingham,Alabama and I play defensive back. I last played for a Semi Pro team called the Alabama Blackhawks. I wanted to know if I can have my name placed on the XFL tryout showcase list. I really would love a opportunity to showcase my talents at the next level. If giving the chase you won’t regret it I promise. Thank You God Bless.

    • Sam Just

      May 19, 2022 at 6:42 am

      I think you are misunderstanding what this list is. I do not sign players up. That’s up to you as the player. I am simply trying to help put you in front of more eyes as a player. With that being said, I need you to DM me on twitter with the information from the article if you want to be added. I need all the info listed. Make sure you scroll right and get all the info on the list.

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