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Dany Garcia Drops Major XFL Bread Crumbs; Timeline Set For Kickoff in Feb 2023

A month ago, Sportico hosted an online event called “Invest in Sports” and new XFL owners Dany Garcia and Gerry Cardinale were panelists during this event and mentioned that there would be more news to come. Well, to say the least they haven’t disappointed yet. 

In early November XFL News Hub confirmed the initial report from Ben Fischer that the league hired Russ Brandon as the new league president, a position that was once held by Jeffrey Pollack and also announced more hires.   

I hope you didn’t get too stuffed during Thanksgiving because Dany Garcia continues to feed the XFL fanbase more bread crumbs as we get closer and closer to 2022. 

On Thursday morning, Dany Garcia took to instagram to share pictures of the XFL’s league meetings in New York back in October. Garcia shared three photos, one which included her, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sporting his signature “Peoples Eyebrow” and RedBird Capital Founder and Managing Partner Gerry Cardinale and another that showed what seems to be an official countdown to kickoff. 

We are still waiting to confirm the dates that the pictures were taken, but most people I have spoken with personally believe this photo is from the league meetings that were held in October. 

As you can see in the picture above, the caption of the slide says “The Countdown Is On” and then shows the days we have left until the player combine (257 days), the days we have left until training camp (462 days), then finally the days we have left until kickoff (502 days) and included in the image is small print that reads kickoff February 18, 2023 which would be the weekend after the 57th Super Bowl will be played. 

In early 2021, no one truly knew when the XFL would begin to release news and many doubted if the league would ever return because of the lack of news, but now we have an exact countdown and timeline.

Not just for kickoff but also for the player combine in June 2022, training camp in January 2023 and official kickoff date for February 2023 which mirrors the schedule XFL 2.0 used before kicking off in spring of 2020. 

Watching how Dany Garcia and her team drop easter eggs in her instagram stories and posts, reminds me of watching a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie or series. Small details are released in each film to build more and more anticipation which is a big part of entertainment, but if you’re not careful you could overlook the small details that are displayed.

It’s very interesting to see how the new ownership group has utilized their skills and experience in entertainment to do just that and heighten the anticipation for XFL fans. 

Everything is beginning to align and I am very hopeful that there will be more news that will be released as we get closer to the New Year.

Buckle up and get ready for a fun ride because I doubt this XFL train is going to lose steam anytime soon. 

We will keep you updated if anything else comes to light. 

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Jai Nokes is a exclusive credentialed writer, reporter, and XFL Insider for XFLNewsHub, and has covered high school, collegiate, and professional sports for 6 years. Jai also host a sports radio show called NOTES X NOKES which airs Tuesday and Fridays each week on Facebook Live at 6:30PM. Follow Jai Nokes on twitter and other social media platforms @notesxnokes.

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