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CFL Players Can Begin Opting Out of Contracts Monday

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Recent developments between the Canadian Football League (CFL) and its Player’s Association are now shining more light on what active players who were under contract for the canceled 2020 can now do to continue their playing career.

Initially, the word “void” was being used after the CFL came out and canceled their 2020 season earlier this week in regard to contracts for active players.

Luckily for players, that won’t be the case. Voiding every contract in the league could be massively detrimental to the overall health of the CFL. Now that the league is allowing players to opt-out and make their own choices, it looks more promising for the CFL to return once the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s effects on the world economy lessen.

Pelissero followed up the tweet with some additional information regarding CFL player’s and their deals:

NFL players who opted out had their contracts toll, receiving a $350,000 stipend (high-risk) or $150,000 salary advance (voluntary). CFL players who opt out would be released outright, with veterans receiving a stipend of $6,600; players who don’t opt out get additional stipends.

Tom Pelissero (via Twitter)

The CFL has not defined openly what a veteran is in terms of service time. But it is likely that players who opt out of their deals will have either secured workouts in the NFL or gauged interest in alternative leagues like the XFL.

Last season, players like CFL All-Star tackle Derek Dennis and wide receivers S.J. Green and Armanti Edwards were among the bigger names that left the league last season in pursuit of the XFL.

While current CFL quarterback Vernon Adams from the Montreal Alouettes came out saying he will not be leaving the league to test the waters in the XFL.

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