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CFL’s Vernon Adams Says He Won’t Leave for XFL

Montreal Alouette’s QB Vernon Adams recently made a statement via Twitter that he would not leave the CFL for a shot at the new XFL.

Both leagues were hit hard by the pandemic. Recently the CFL had to ask the Canadian government for some financial help, which it hasn’t received yet. We all know the XFL was just bought by Alpha Acquico out of bankruptcy.

The Alouettes QB has also been critical of the CFL’s response to COVID-19, saying the league needed to make a decision sooner rather than later. Their 2020 season was supposed to start on June 11th, but was postponed until September at the earliest.

Several current CFL players have also spoken out about their disapproval of how the league is dragging their feet. Former Florida State RB James Wilder, Jr says he turned down collegiate coaching jobs to play.

Adams played his college ball in Eastern Washington and Oregon. An undrafted free agent in the NFL, he never caught on with a team. The QB has played in the CFL since 2016, having 2 stints with Montreal.

Montreal Alouttes QB Vernon Adams Jr

While the statement Adams made wasn’t false, the CFL has been around longer than the XFL, Gracia, Johnson, and RedBird Capital have brought new hope to our league, and the Canadian league is broke.

It’s looking more and more likely that we will have an XFL season in 2021, as the new group continues to move forward, and team presidents are starting to voice their excitement for the future of the league. A bubble season is not out of the question.

Former LA Wildcats HC Winston Moss has said he would love to return to the league. As has former Renegades DC Chris Woods, although he’s currently coaching at the University of Kansas.

Former DC Defenders LB AJ Tarpley said he would return, only if the pay was different.

“Not unless the pay structure was different. too little money for non-QB players. Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the results”. Too many to list or too detailed it’d be boring for ppl to read.”

Adams did also just sign an extension with the Alouettes, making it less likely he would willfully leave anyway. A QB with his dual-threat ability would likely have a big impact for a team in the XFL’s style of play. We saw guys like Jordan Ta’amu and PJ Walker have incredible seasons last year.

It won’t take long for players of their caliber to know their best chance is with the XFL. While some will always prefer to use the league as a step towards the NFL, the league showed it can hold its own. So expect guys to carve out a nice career playing ball in the spring.

The XFL will be back, and soon. We know what former XFL players have been able to move on to the NFL. Spots will be open, but not for long. Adams may want to re-evaluate his choice. The CFL probably won’t play, and if they don’t he likely won’t get his contract money.

He’s been supplementing his income by driving for Uber. If that continues, you could see him making plays on an XFL field near you.

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