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USFL Executive VP Daryl Johnston Responds To Fan Criticism Over USFL Business Model

The Spring Football wars are in full gear. With spring football leagues failing in the past. Many fans are concerned about the future of both the USFL and XFL. 

With all the experience of running a spring football league over the last several years between the AAF and XFL 2.0, you would think the new executive teams behind the USFL and XFL 3.0 would finally have it all figured out. Avoiding a repeat of the same mistakes from the past.

After news broke about the new leadership behind the USFL, a fan tweeted.

“When will we learn that you need business minded folks first…not football “insiders”. It’s a busines.”

When the AAF started, they brought in a lot of former NFL players to help ‘advise’ the league. Like former Steelers receiver Hines Ward, former New York Giants Justin Tuck, and even current USFL head of officiating Mike Pereira. Without a good business model, any of these spring leagues are doomed to fail.

New USFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Daryl Johnston responded.

“I beg to differ Jim. It’s always Football first. The fate of the AAF and the XFL had mitigating circumstances related to Business. Ratings show there is a demand for the product. We are in the process of assembling a team of Football and Business people to make @USFL a success!

Brian Woods, the founder, and CEO of The Spring League, will serve as the USFL’s President of Football Operations. Edward Hartman will serve as Executive Vice President of Business Operations, and Eric Shanks will serve as Chairman of the USFL’s Board of Directors. 

Johnston had roles in both the AAF and XFL prior this his new Executive VP role in the USFL. He was the general manager of the San Antonio Commanders in the AAF and Director of Player Personnel for the XFL’s Dallas Renegades.

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