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Player Talks Deficiencies In COVID-19 Testing At The Spring League

Recently The Spring League had to cancel games due to a number of positive COVID-19 tests. Four games over the past two weeks, including all three previously scheduled games for Tuesday night, were canceled.

Throughout the season we have received multiple reports of possible deficiencies in how the TSL players were tested. The league’s CEO Brian Woods responded to those rumors, saying that each player was tested regularly across the board.

Tuesday afternoon, a video by a TSL player was released that put all that into question. Jousters DL Cory “Poop” Johnson took to YouTube and shared his personal experience while at camp in San Antonio.

It’s one thing if this were just one player’s story. But since the video, more than 20 players have shared their experiences with us and confirmed what was said in the video was factual.

We know there is more than one side to a story, so we reached out to the league for comment and will speak to them on Wednesday.

Some players have declined to comment. Mainly because they were grateful for the opportunity to play. That’s completely understandable, and we thoroughly support that.

Some players we spoke with on condition of anonymity confirm what we suspected, and what is portrayed in the video as true.

We have also reached out to the United Football Players Association (UFPA), an organization started by former XFL players including Seattle Dragons RB Kenneth Farrow. They have expressed concern, and are currently gathering their own information on The Spring League protocols.

We will be speaking with them again later this week, after we have all the information from every side.

This is the exact reason Farrow started the organization. Outside of the CFLPA, and the NFLPA, there is no group looking out for players. It’s in their best interest to have leagues like this to showcase player talents, but only if they’re taking care of the athletes as well.

We want to get to the bottom of this and make sure that any mistakes made are corrected. The fact remains that COVID-19 is the main issue here, and it has affected this league. However, it doesn’t seem like all the protocols that were announced have been followed by the league.

If all the protocols were followed then, perfect. We just want to be sure everyone is safe. That’s the bottom line.

A follow-up article with official statements will be forth coming later this week. We felt it important to get this out as players, coaches and fans were wondering what was going on with The Spring League.

Not everyone is going to like what we wrote. We are aware of that. But if any of this is true, it needs to be public knowledge. The virus is a serious matter. Players, coaches, and their families’ lives are at stake, so we cannot sweep these reports under the rug.

Not when so many players have corroborated the statements made.

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