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FCF Week 4: Josh Gordon, And 2 Electric Finishes

The final week of the Fan Controlled Football regular season did more than just give us another draft, more Twitch programming, and more games. No, we got much much more.

Last week the Zappers’ Franchise QB Johnny Manziel was out due to an emergency medical issue, and because he had to leave the bubble, he wasn’t ready to return for Week 4.

In his place, the Zappers tagged stud QB2 Logan Marchi, and drafted another riser Braden Smith. Smith, if you recall, threw the game-winning Hail Mary to WR Travis Toivonen in the Week 3 defeat of the Wild Aces.

This was all big news in the FCF world, but none was bigger than the announcement of former NFL WR Josh Gordon‘s arrival. Yes, the Former Browns standout is set to join his former Browns QB in the 1st week of the playoffs on Saturday, March 13th.

Gordon made an immediate impact, as he caught a TD on the opening drive for the Zappers. He would also catch the next deep ball from Smith for another walk-off TD and victory over the once-undefeated Beasts.

He finished the game with 4 catches, 77 yards and 2 TDs in the 32-36 victory.

He wasn’t the only player that had big numbers in a victory. Wild Aces Franchise SB LaDarius Galloway rushed for 105 yards on 13 carries and 3 TDs. Remember, the games last an hour, and the field is only 50 yards long.

The Aces came away with the win over the Glacier Boyz to improve to 2-2, in a game that pushed the boundaries of the different rules of the FCF.

Here, there are no onside kicks. Instead, if the team wants to retain possession after a score, the offense lines up at their 10-yard line, and has 1 play to get a 1st down.

For those who find this familiar, the AAF had similar rules, except the offense had to advance 12 yards in that league.

The Wild Aces attempted 2 – 1 in each half – and the Glacier Boyz tried the onside play 3 times to try to recover from a 50-30 deficit. They came close, but Jerdy and Galloway were too much in the end.

Now we’re on to the playoffs. The Beasts – even with a loss – are the 1 seed, and so, the fans can vote on who they play in the first round. Whoever they choose, the remaining teams play for the ability to be in the championship game.

The drafts are over as well. Week 4 brought new tags, and teams are now set for the final 2 weeks. WR Christian Saulsberry was this week’s tag for the Beasts, SB Calen Campbell for the Glacier Boyz, WR Raphael Leonard for the Wild Aces, and QB Logan Marchi for the Zappers.

Former NFL RB Robert Turbin will also join the FCF this week, for the Beasts. His relationship with former teammate, and current Beasts co-owner Marshawn Lynch made that possible.

Many questioned how the Zappers could just add players over the season, starting with Manziel – even before the draft. But the fact remains that each team had the option to it, Bob Menery, co-owner of the Zappers simply got it done.

So now we have moved on from the v1.0 regular season. The playoffs await.

Who will advance to the 1st ever Fan Controlled Championship game?

We’ll find out on Saturday.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. jlkdskjl

    March 10, 2021 at 6:06 am

    beasts goin all the way watch

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