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Fan Controlled Football Players To Give Fans Unprecedented Access

The Fan Controlled Football League is set to start in February, and will offer unprecedented access to players, and the game.

In order to play the 2021 season safely, the FCF made the decision for those who were the closest to the field to be in a bubble. Coaches and operations guys and gals were there over the past few weeks, players arrived on Monday (1/11).

To go along with the necessary steps to onboard the 111 players, such as COVID-19 testing, and getting them check-in their rooms, players were grouped into 2 separate groups.

The first – and smaller – group of 4, is where guys will do almost everything together. The rooms are in the same areas, they’ll eat at the same time, and meetings will be with each other.

The larger group of 8 will be for transportation. Vans carrying 8 players each to take the guys to and from the arena.

This is to help get the guys to interact with each other, and build the brotherhood, as well as keeping things safe within the bubble.

They were also introduced to the rulebook, and code of ethics.

But the most exciting part of the process is guys were given tech (laptops, tablets, cameras) for them to create content and interact with fans throughout the entire process.

Patrick Dees, a co-founder and Chief Gaming Officer for the league, had this to say about their vision:

We’re redefining the relationship between players and fans. The guys were not only chosen for their ability to play football at a super-high level, but also to create content. Guys that want to in front of the camera and building communities.”

Fans will be able to flow their favorite players through Twitch, and other social media outlets throughout the season.

We already know that fans will be able to participate in the draft, and call plays, but we now know that the league will offer a live camera, sort of like a confessional booth, where players will go and make their case to be more involved, share what they’re seeing on the field, and help fans decide what plays to call. Or vent.

This level of access has never been available. Call it, “Arena Football, meets Madden meets Hard Knocks”, but instead of the conversation being from one direction, players will be fully involved with the fans.

“We want it to be content that’s authentic. Talk about what’s actually going on in their lives, how they’re feeling on the field, and create the content that they want to create.”

Along with that authenticity, players will be able to have whatever messaging they choose on their nameplates. Whether it’s a cause, a phrase, or their social media handles, the idea is to build a relationship with the fans.

It’s a process that’s going to take several weeks to get going, along with practices, and we the fans will be able to be part of every single part of it.

I know some will call it a gimmick, I say it’s a natural progression into the gaming age, creating a whole new brand of football.

And I’m here for it.

Power to the Fans

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  1. David Clark

    January 22, 2021 at 11:55 am

    I was wondering is the FCF league a flag league or regular contact football?

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