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XFL Trademarks More Team Logo Variations

Last month the XFL revealed its highly anticipated XFL team names and logos. Since then, we have reports of merchandise sales going well and an overall increase in interest in the league.

Last week the XFL added to its already extensive array of trademarks by adding three more team-related logos. The new league has now trademarked over 90 items. Most deal with the XFL team names and logos. This latest filing looks to be secondary logos for two of the XFL teams. 

The filing date for these items was September 20, 2019. They did not appear on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website until late last week.

Two of the logos represent the New York Guardians. 

This R represents the Dallas Renegades.

Each trademark included the following language.

Goods and Services IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Downloadable software in the nature of mobile applications for displaying information relating to football exhibitions, football schedules, media guides, audio and visual recordings relating to football; football helmets; protective helmets for sports; sports helmets; cell phone covers; magnetically encoded charge cards; decorative magnets; prerecorded compact discs and DVDs featuring the sport of football; video games software and computer game software; computer mouse pads; sunglasses, eyeglass cases; downloadable ring tones via the internet and wireless devices; downloadable graphics featuring content relating to football for use on computers and mobile phones and downloadable music files via a global computer network and wireless devices; decorative refrigerator magnets; video game cartridges and discs and computer game tapes; video game discs and computer game discs; video game cassettes and computer game cassettes; video game cartridges and computer game cartridges; video game CD-roms and computer game CD-roms; cinematographic and television films, namely, motion picture films featuring football; Jewelry, watches, clocks, earrings, tie pins, bracelets, necklaces, charms for jewelry; rings being jewelry, collectible coins, commemorative coins, non-monetary coins of precious metal, pendants and key chains made of precious metal, charms for jewelry in precious metals or coated therewith, costume jewelry, cuff links, tie clips, decorative boxes made of precious metal, jewelry charms, key chains of precious metals, lapel pins, medals, ornamental novelty pins, precious metal trophies; Posters; calendars; pictorial prints; series of books relating to football; magazines relating to football; stickers; bumper stickers; printed tickets to sports games and events; souvenir programs for sports events; sports trading cards; notepads; picture postcards; art pictures; stationery; pens and pencils; printed collectible trading cards; collectible trading cards and memorabilia holders specially adapted for holding collectible trading cards; cardboard and paper hangtags; packaging, namely, blister cards, paper for wrapping and packaging; collector albums for sticker collectables; sticker albums; collectable printed photographs; photo albums; photographs; framed art pictures; labels, namely, printed paper labels; folders; paper place mats; paper table mats; paper napkins; paper tablecloths; paper table linens; paper lunch bags; greeting cards; pictures; decals; temporary tattoo transfers; coloring books; children’s activity books; notebooks; memo pads; date books; address books; agenda books; markers; pencil sharpeners; pencil cases; rubber stamps; stamp pads; chalk; paper banners; printed paper signs for doors; drawing rulers; erasers, rubber erasers; chalk erasers; blackboard erasers; decorative decals for vehicle windows; vinyl static cling decals relating to football, namely, decals on which football team names, logos, uniforms or events are printed for affixation to windows and windshields; lithographs; paper party bags; stencils for tracing designs onto paper; paper gift wrap; paper cake decorations; paper; indoor ornaments of paper, namely, party ornaments of paper; Toys and sporting goods, namely, plush toys, stuffed animals, toy action figures, toy action figure accessories therefor, cases for action figures, playsets for use with action figures, toy vehicles, dolls, sports balls, golf bags, golf club covers, footballs, board games relating to football, playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, billiard balls, dart boards, toy miniature helmets, toy helmets, toy foam novelty items, namely, foam fingers and hands, hand-held units for playing electronic game other than those adapted for use with an electronic external display screen or monitor, tabletop action skill games; construction toys, Christmas tree decorations; toy spinning tops; arcade games, kites, bobble-head dolls, puppets, card games, toy guitars, toy water guns, doll furniture, party favors in the nature of crackers and noisemakers, skateboards, toy scooters, paper party favors; Subscription to a television channel, namely, continuing subscription video program in the field of sports broadcast over the internet and a continuing subscription audio program in the field of football broadcast over the internet; Television broadcasting services; television transmission services; cable television broadcasting; radio broadcasting; broadcasting programming on the Internet; information transmission via electronic communications networks; transmission of information through video communication systems; communication services, namely, audio and video broadcasting; broadcasting services and provision of telecommunication access to video and audio content provided via a video on demand service via the Internet and television; streaming of audio material on the Internet; streaming of video material on the Internet; telecommunication services, namely, transmission of podcasts; electronic delivery of images and photos via a global computer network; providing multiple-user access to a global computer information network for the purpose of participating in interactive polling in the field of football; wireless communications services, namely, transmission of information, namely, text, graphics, data, and entertainment information to mobile phones; mobile media services in the nature of electronic transmission of entertainment media content

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joe

    September 30, 2019 at 10:15 pm

    I personally like the New York and Dallas logos above better than what the XFL came
    out with several weeks ago. Either way, the league is a work in progress.
    As a future DC Defenders fan, I really like their logo and colors and have
    already bought merchandise. I just hope the XFL doesn’t resort to cheap looking
    ads on the uniforms like the NBA did but then again, who cares about the NBA
    anymore as the XFL will most likely have better regular season TV ratings than
    basketball or hockey.

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