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XFL Team Logos

List of XFL Logos Of Past XFL Teams

It was previously discussed that the original XFL is very much like the new XFL in the sense that both leagues have the same number of teams which is eight. The original XFL consisted of the following teams: Birmingham Thunderbolts, Chicago Enforcers, Las Vegas Outlaws, Memphis Maniax, New York/ New Jersey Hitmen, Orlando Rage, San Francisco Demons, and the Championship Team, Los Angeles Xtreme.

Each of them had a unique logo that really defined them and that really told them apart from the other teams.

Birmingham Thunderbolts

Birmingham Thunderbolts had a logo with a letter B at its center and it was surrounded by bolts of thunder. Birmingham is known for its love for football and the Royal Purple, Silver and Fluorescent Yellow team colors and logo really captures the Bolts electrifying spirit.

Chicago Enforcers

Chicago Enforcers had a logo with a somewhat misshaped letter C as the centerpiece then a fist sticking out of that misshaped letter C. Few cities are said to be able to match Chicago’s long history of strength, toughness, and attitude when it comes to professional sports. The fist of the Enforcers logo is the perfect icon for this dominant city.

Las Vegas Outlaws

Las Vegas Outlaws had a logo with the letters L and V intertwined with each other. This city’s rough and tough history was said to have embodied in the Outlaws’ style of play. Black, Vegas Gold, and Burgundy were the only colors said to be good enough to drape these Outlaws.

Memphis Maniax

Memphis Maniax had a logo with the letters A and X connected to each other which spells AX as they were said to have always AXED their opponents.

New York/ New Jersey Hitmen

New York/ New Jersey Hitmen had a logo with a letter H as the centerpiece and that letter H had spikes at each corner. Aggressive, Relentless, In-Your-Face and Hard-Hitting was said to be the best way to describe the NY/NJ style of play. The Hitmen team colors are black and blue, just like they expect their opponents to look the day after they play them.

Orlando Rage

Orlando Rage had a logo with a face that was full of rage as the centerpiece and a bolt of lightning beneath the face. The logo and colors embody the emotion of Rage, a name by which any football coach would hope his team would be characterized.

San Francisco Demons

San Francisco Demons had a logo with the face of a demon as the centerpiece and the word DEMON on the head of the face. There could be no symbol or team name that was more menacing than DEMON. The name alone could strike fear to the opponents even before they play them.

Los Angeles Xtreme

Finally, The Champions Los Angeles Xtreme had a logo with a blade like a symbol as the centerpiece than a misshaped letter X in the center of that blade and the letters L and R at its sides. Known for its cultural, geographic and economic extremes, LA is the only city distinguished enough to hold the Xtreme name.

It was also previously discussed that McMahon has not mentioned any teams that will be part of the new XFL, but whatever those teams maybe, they will surely have logos that will distinguish them from the other and that will define them for what they truly are.

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