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Antonio Brown Cut By Raiders & Patriots, What About The XFL

If you have been following the NFL over the last several months, you have likely heard about the bizarre saga of wide receiver Antonio Brown.

It started first with being traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland(Las Vegas) Raiders. He then was cut by the Raiders after several problems getting on the field. Within days he lands in New England with the Patriots. Lasts one game before being cut amid sexual harassment and rape allegations.

With no team and no franchise interested in signing a player with multiple off the field issues, he is out of luck. Browns options for playing in the NFL in the 2019 season look over. At this point, his only saving grace could be the XFL.

The XFL draft is set to take place in mid-October. The likelihood he would receive a commissioners invite seems slim to none. With his mounting legal and personal problems, the XFL does not know if more issues will surface. It seems to be something new with Brown every day.

Since the XFL’s announced return, the league has been trying to distance itself from its initial 2001 season. The idea that the XFL is controversial is one they are trying to re-write and change.

Oliver Luck and company have been looking for players, coaches, and staff who want to be there. With a strong TV deal, well-named coaches and solid front office staffs. The XFL is not in need of a marquee player. The league’s approach has been one of patience. Marquee players will develop in the XFL, and the sport of football will carry the league. Vince McMahon and Oliver Luck are banking on fan interest in a spring football league over anything else.

Brown could join the league before the kick-off in February 2020, but what team would get him? If the league was desperate for a big name star, they would have already announced the signing of a Johnny Manziel or Colin Kaepernick, but they have not. We don’t even know if those players will be part of the XFL draft pool. Ryan Mallet, who received a commissioners invite early this month was recently arrested for DWI. We no longer know his status for the upcoming XFL draft.

The best thing for Antonio Brown to do right now is to lay low and get his life together. Look for a comeback in 2020, and if no NFL team comes calling, he might have a shot at the XFL draft in 2020.

The XFL does not need Antonio Brown. Antonio Brown needs the XFL.

Fan reaction to Antonio Brown’s latest release and the XFL on Twitter.

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  1. Du-wonn Reuben

    September 20, 2019 at 9:39 pm

    You can forget it. Vince ain’t going to put up with his mess. Game over AB

  2. Brent

    September 23, 2019 at 1:40 am

    I’d pass on AB. But it would be funny to watch him try negotiating with Vince the way he did with Oakland management. Vince would end him

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