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Young Rock Gets Renewed, Johnson Talks CFL On ‘Sunday Today

The news for XFL Co-Owner Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson has been good this week. NBC announced that his hit TV show ‘Young Rock’ was just renewed for a second season.

This Sunday, he is also set to appear on ‘Sunday Today’ on NBC, where he talks about his wrestling career, following in his father’s footsteps and walking away from an opportunity to play in the CFL again.

“I had just gotten a call from my coach, at the CFL, to come back and try out for the team next season. And I said, I appreciate it, coach, thank you very much, but I’m gonna close this chapter of my life.”

Interestingly, this is the first time he has mentioned getting asked back to try out a second time with the CFL. It is also no coincidence that this clip about the CFL is being used to promote the spot.

The Rock left the CFL with seven dollars in his pocket hence the production company he and Dany Garcia created is called Seven Bucks Productions.

With the success that Seven Bucks has brought to NBC with Young Rock and Titan Games. You wonder if there is room left in this partnership for an XFL/CFL TV deal.

Seven Bucks also had successful shows on HBO like Ballers and Rock And A Hard Place. HBO is owned by WarnerMedia which owners all the Turner stations like TNT and TBS.

This is one of the many reasons why the CFL is talking with the XFL. Being able to get in the door and having The Rock pitch your brand is priceless.

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