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XFL Player Showcase In The Works, How It Might Look In The XFL 3.0 Era

CJ Cavazos, Director of College and Pro Relations for the XFL. Put out the following tweet talking about the return on XFL player showcases.

“To everyone asking. Yes, there will be XFL Showcases. Follow our pages for more information. I can’t respond to every DM. Good luck and keep working.”

In many players’ minds, the question is when, where, and how can I sign up. As for the when. Initially, when the XFL had its meetings back in October at the RedBird Capital Partners offices, the league had planned for June to have players showcases. In the XFL 2.0 era, they had showcases at every team city to promote the league and see players in action.

That costs money. Recently XFL President Russ Brandon had mentioned doing something in the Fall instead. We have heard there might only be one or two showcases at one location rather than eight over the summer in the different cities.

If the hub scenario is true, our XFL insider Mike Mitchell has talked about it. Dallas could be the place where the league decides to hold its showcases. Nothing is confirmed, and the situation is still fluid.

In the last player showcases, the XFL did an invite-only with former XFL Director of Player Personnel Eric Galko inviting players. The USFL took a similar approach with no open tryouts as well.

As we heard in the XFL rebrand message, the league is about opportunity. This could mean a change in the XFL 3.0 era. It would be interesting to see what the XFL plans to handle this if they chose the invite-only model or have open tryouts as the FCF did.

In the 2.0 era, the XFL draft took place in October before the league kicked off in February. The league will look at NFL cut players out of camp and USFL players who got NFL camp invites but were later cut.

Those players would no longer be under USFL contracts. So in effect, the XFL can still pick up all the best players from the USFL, as those players would be released from their contract to attend NFL camps. The question would be, would those former USFL players resign or look at the XFL.

We, too, like CJ get inundated with messages from players who want a shot in the XFL. We tell them to try FCF or HUB Football to be seen by scouts. Also, it is best to have an agent.

This could be different with the XFL 3.0 era, but if you are trying to get in with the USFL or XFL, or even CFL, this is how you do it right now.

As of yesterday, The Rock mentioned more announcements are on the way. We assume all of this will be answered by the end of May at the latest.

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