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XFL Las Vegas Hosting Private Workout In Florida

Despite the XFL hosting their showcases all summer long and sending draft invites out to players, it has been confirmed that teams will be holding their workouts for players in the coming weeks. 

House of Athlete Hosting XFL Las Vegas For Private Player Workouts

It was confirmed by Defensive Back Jordan Canady today on Twitter that on Monday, August 29th, 2022, from 12 pm – 5 pm EST and Tuesday, August 30th, 2022 – 7 am to 3 pm House of Athlete will be holding a private player workout for the Las Vegas XFL team. It is unknown at this time who will be there representing XFL Las Vegas; it could be Head Coach Rod Woodson or some of his coaching staff. 

As the day went on, we heard about more players being part of this private workout, and the names confirmed through Player Agency Team 1ST Choice Sports that the following players have been verified. 

Current Players Confirmed for Workouts

XFLAnalyst confirmed other players including QB Tyquell Fields, TE Phil Brown II, WE Elisha Peat, DL Tyran Dixon, WR Keyon Thomas, WE Caleb Eagans, DL Tyrone Kelly, DB Adam Sparks, RB Kentavious Thomas, WR Cam White, WR Josh Wilkes, DB Josh Johnson, WR AJ Greene, DB Jordan Burney, DB Kareem Gaulden, and DB Byron Edwards.

The other players confirmed that doesn’t seem to be linked to 1st Choice Sports are DB Bikembe Kearney and Jordan Canady.

Is Orlando also holding a workout as well? 1st Choice Sports confirmed that their clients DB CJ Anthony and LB Taylor Powell are trying out for a private player workout with the Orlando XFL team during a currently unknown date or location for this tryout.

It is not confirmed at this point, but it appears that teams will be holding their tryouts as time goes on, these could be by private invites by the coaching staff of each XFL team, or the league itself remains to be seen. Currently, none of these players are drafted or associated with the teams themselves, and from what I can tell, only Cam White was part of the Texas Showcase and got an invite to the draft pool, whereas the others were not part of any of them.

Are teams going to start signing players before the draft?

Is this another way teams can sign players directly before the draft? Or will these private workouts be part of the opportunity to be invited into the draft this way with possible prior commitments or just not enough space during the summer showcases held across the country? 

House of Athlete State-Of-The-Art Facility and Program Possibly leading to an XFL partnership?

According to its website, House of Athlete is a “State-Of-The-Art facility in a class of its own.” They offer athletes the best training, coaching, products, and recovery care at any level while maintaining a strong emphasis on mental fitness and wellness. Their facility provides pro-grade fitness, performance, wellness, and amenities while focusing on Mental Health and Fitness. 

A key point I noticed about House of Athlete is that they specialize in an NFL Combine Training program that currently only accepts 24 athletes at the HOA performance training location in Weston, FL, which assists young men transitioning into the NFL Draft process. They claim to be the experts in making the transition a successful one. For anyone not aware of the connection between HOA and Football, it is that HOA was founded by its current CEO, former Denver Broncos NFL Wide Reciever Brandon Marshall, who invested in a $10 million investment, that has worked out very well.

Researching House of Athlete, I also noticed that they are building a 24,000 SQFT two-level flagship with luxury member amenities, including locker rooms, hot & cold plunge, steam room, sauna, IV lounge, and physical therapy spaces. A 7,800 SQFT training floor with 40-yard turf and a private training studio in Dallas, TX, appears to be about 18 miles from XFL’s HQ in Arlington at Choctaw Stadium. 

Could we possibly see a partnership between the league and HOA if there isn’t one already going on based on these private player workouts and the new location opening in Dallas soon? 

You can find all the information and the excellent team over at HOA that handles the NFL Combine/Draft classes at this link here HOA NFL Combine.

 Stay tuned to for any developing information relating to the XFL having their teams holding their private player workouts as we get closer and closer to the XFL 2023 season kick-off in less than six months.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Douglas C

    August 25, 2022 at 10:14 am

    Jordan CANADY attended the Washington DC Showcase

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