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XFL Innovations Spotlighted in CNN’s ‘Hard Hits: Can Football Be Safe?’ This Sunday

In a special episode that aligns with the inception of the NFL season, CNN’s original series “The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper” initiates a groundbreaking investigation, probing the relentless quest to foster safety in the game of football. Helmed by CNN Sports’ distinguished anchor Coy Wire, the episode titled “Hard Hits: Can Football Be Safe?” is slated for a grand premiere on Sunday, September 10, at 8 pm ET/PT.

Football, deeply ingrained in the American psyche, is synonymous with fall for many. The vibrant high school football nights and the spirit of camaraderie cultivated in leagues across various levels underscore the sport’s entrenched tradition. Yet, it comes with a considerable downside: a professional player averages a mere 3.5-year career, grappling with the substantial risks of physical and cognitive impairments.

Within this narrative, Wire, leveraging his nine-season enriched experience as a league player, forges crucial dialogues with eminent personalities including NFL head coaches Andy Reid and Sean McDermott, and Jeff Miller, the NFL’s personage overseeing player health and safety. Notably, the spotlight shifts firmly on XFL magnates Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia as they delineate their visionary approach to foreground players’ wellbeing in the evolving dynamics of the game.

Coy Wire reflects with a sense of awe and optimistic foresight, underscoring that the current rendition of the NFL stands transformed, encapsulating unprecedented humanitarian measures and futuristic technological interventions targeting players’ safety.

CNN viewers will be ushered behind the scenes into the pulsating environments of the 2023 training camps undertaken by the New York Giants and the Atlanta Falcons. Wire’s comprehensive reportage extends to the riveting moments of the 2023 NFL Draft and notably, the exhilarating climactic junctures of the XFL Championship Game, amplifying the XFL’s relentless pursuits in safety innovations.

The investigative trail leads Wire to Biocore, an NFL-backed research institution pioneering the technological renaissance in football safety measures. Here, Wire immerses himself in the hub of groundbreaking technologies, geared to anticipate and pre-empt injuries, thereby promising safer landscapes for the sport’s fervent practitioners.

Viewers have the privilege to stream “Hard Hits: Can Football Be Safe?” live on September 10, with pre-access available on-demand from Saturday, September 9, 2023. Engage with the groundbreaking revelations as “The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper” delves deep, envisioning a safe haven for football, accentuated by the XFL’s pivotal role in this transformative journey. Access this visual treat via CNN’s platforms, ensuring you are part of the change sculpting the future of football.

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