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XFL Head Coach Terrell Buckley Talks Joining XFL, Coach’s Meeting In Dallas & More

New XFL head coach Terrell Buckley was a guest on the Warchant 1-on-1 podcast, talking about how he got involved with the XFL, the XFL coaches meeting in Dallas, how he got involved with the XFL, and more.

“It’s one of those things over the years, 15 years of this, you meet a lot of people, talk ball, and go to all these conventions. I have probably ten notebooks of coaching, ideas on strength training, off-season, all these things, and you get a chance to talk to these guys. And the opportunity came about, somebody that I had intimate conversations about being a head coach mentioned it to one of the high ups, and it just went from there.

The interview process, the questioning, was a bunch of interviews and trying to figure out and find out, are you for real? Do you understand the big picture? Are you just saying that, right? And through that process, I learned a lot about myself. I learned about the notes I was taking. The questions that I was asking really helped me with that. I think the preparation part from day one was huge.”

He talks about the impressive list of coaches’ names and people involved with the XFL.

“Well, if you want to be the best or be mentioned with the best, you have to compete and beat the best. So I am extremely excited about going up against Bob Stoops and Wade Phillips and Rod Woods and Hines Ward and those guys, man, you get to match Wits and practice, and who’s going to be ready and making those adjustments? Everybody sits here. You remember New England and Atlanta 23 with five minutes. Everybody has a game plan. Oh, man, what would I have done? Well, now I get the opportunity to do that, and that for me is very exciting.”

Buckley was asked if any XFL announcements are coming soon, and he talked about heading to Dallas to meet with the other XFL coaches and XFL league personnel.

This week, as I’m speaking to you now, when I get off with you, I’m boarding a plane and heading to Dallas, Texas, and we’re going to get a bunch of that squared away. This week we have our first head coaches meeting like the owners in the NFL, meet head coaches. We’re going to meet and discuss the rules, officials, locations, and staff roster. Is it going to be a similar, 75-man roster, 53-man team? I don’t know if we’re going to have inactive, inactive. We’ll find that out this week.”

Buckley talked about how excited he is about the XFL, his playing career, how he got into coaching, and more.

We will learn more about these coaches and their staff soon. We hear they are building these staff as we speak so names will be coming soon. Stay tuned to XFL News Hub for all the breaking news as we build towards the 2023 season.

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