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New XFL Dress To Impress: XFL Concept Team Uniforms & Jerseys

The XFL draft is only a couple of weeks away. Before we find out the players who will populate the league, fans are toying around with concept uniform colors and schemes. My previous article had more emphasis on the NFL’s “Color Rush” idea, while this column is dedicated to the XFL wardrobes.

Teams should have three colors to allow for a nice rotation and a variety of schemes. They shouldn’t clash or be too bright. Blinding, florescent colors like lime green are unwatchable, while drab, ugly colors like gray and orange don’t capture much respect.

Stripes down the side of the legs accentuate the overall look. Jersey number font size also matters. My preference is for thick, large block-like numbers, unlike the weak, skinny Chicago Bears style. Another style of the mascot on the shoulders completes the ensemble.

Dark, bold colors like navy, black, crimson and forest green look sleek and intimidating. The patriotic red, white and blue are appropriate for the Washington, D.C. franchise, but the Houston Roughnecks already have a nearly identical look. The Defenders need a third color to go with the red and white. Black, gold or dark purple would blend in nicely. Los Angeles appears to have a black third color which is perfect. A navy or white as a fourth color would look even better. The New York Guardians and Dallas Renegades have a hint of red in the mascot’s eyes. Let’s hope they’ll utilize that color beyond one limited area.

I enjoy the double color look (jersey-pants the same non-white color), while an occasional double white would be okay. A mix of the two will likely be the most prominent combination.

Overall, the XFL team colors look great. Every matchup will be a pleasure to watch no matter the opponents on the field. Although I reject orange and any green lighter than a dark shade, I’m impressed with what we’ve seen so far. The designs and colors should result in successful merchandise sales with an abundance of fans in the stadiums showing off their new threads.

To spend wisely on this massive new venture, decisions on multiple uniforms for home and away may resemble the AAF that limited five of the eight squads to only one outfit for every game. Check out the alternate styles for each team in the gallery below.

Before we see the unveiling, there’s no shortage of ideas floating around the web these days on concept uniforms. Reddit and Twitter are excellent sources to do some window shopping. Below are a few samples of each team that caught my eye. Special thanks to Twitter poster XFL Houston and the r/XFL Reddit pages for displaying so many excellent ideas. My preference is the Houston concept 1 below.

Which do you like best? We welcome your comments along with your own ideas on what your favorite team’s uniform should look like.

Dallas Renegades home uniform concept from r/xfl

Dallas Renegades jersey concepts wanted to do a black theme, hopefully, y’all like this one. from r/xfl

My Houston Roughnecks concept. I’d love the XFL to have the same color jerseys and pants. from r/xfl

XFL Houston Roughnecks Uniform Concept

Concept uniform for the Los Angeles Wildcats. Bringing some class to LA with argyle! from r/xfl

Decided to do another Concept this one for the LA Wildcats from r/xfl

XFL uniform concepts for all 8 teams updated from r/xfl

XFL Seattle Dragons Concept Uniform

XFL STL BattleHawks Uniform Concept

A concept for the Tampa Bay Vipers from r/xfl

Continuing my concepts here’s one for the Vipers, something similar to the Oregon Ducks from r/xfl

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  1. Joe

    October 3, 2019 at 5:44 pm

    I’m curious if the XFL goes for the look above or a more traditional look like
    the Cowboys, Packers and Colts. I hope for the latter but I really hope the
    uniforms, (and the field of play as well), aren’t plastered with cheap
    looking advertisements. The old Las Vegas Outlaws had a very good look to them
    favoring a professional feel vs. amateurish like the Memphis Maniax.

  2. Joseph Ryan

    October 4, 2019 at 8:34 am

    Please do not do BLUE anything for St. Louis. Its reminiscent of Stan WalMat’s lams. PLEASE do a dark grey or black and silver. Please we beg you How about Purple black and silber?

  3. Grossed Out

    October 5, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    These are all ugly. Adobe should revoke their license.

  4. Conner

    November 27, 2019 at 12:56 am

    They better get Adidas or under armour to do the uniforms. The starter uniforms for the aaf were weak af.

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