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XFL Bankruptcy Administrator Files Lawsuit Against Oliver Luck

With the impending trial between former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck and owner Vince McMahon three months away, a wrench has been thrown into the works.

The XFL’s bankruptcy plan administrator Peter Hurwitz has filed a counter lawsuit in a federal court alleging that Luck must pay back some of his $11 million salary earned while serving his duties. Huritz claims that Luck was unable to meet his duties as commissioner and therefore must repay the league.

“Luck’s performance as Commissioner and CEO was woefully inadequate for numerous reasons. Among other things, he failed to exercise proper business judgment; failed to comply with league policies; failed to comply with the XFL Employee Handbook; failed to attend meetings; disclosed confidential information without proper authorization; and effectively abandoned his responsibilities when faced with the Covid crisis.”

Peter Hurwitz

McMahon has made similar claims in the past about Luck’s inability to fulfill his obligations while also filing a counter lawsuit. In response to these assertions made by Hurwitz, Luck’s lawyer Paul Dobrowski cited the points as unfounded.

“The allegation that Mr. Luck was overpaid and didn’t do his job is utter nonsense. In real time, Mr. McMahon clearly valued Mr. Luck’s job performance because he allowed Mr. Luck to be paid millions of dollars over 20 months.”

Paul Dobrowski

Luck was originally seeking $23 million for the remainder of his contract left unpaid following the league’s shutdown in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The trial date between Luck and McMahon is set for July 11, 2022.

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