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Vince McMahon Officially Files Counter-Suit Against Oliver Luck

Vince McMahon, on behalf of Alpha Entertainment, has officially filed suit against its former league Commissioner Oliver Luck. In the filing, McMahon says that Alpha has probable cause to receive over $570,000.

The suit is in response to the claim that Luck filed last year that he is owed his entire contract after being fired without cause.

McMahon stipulates that he indeed had cause for firing Luck, and this counter-suit provides his claims.

McMahon already stated his intent on suing Luck in October, when he agreed to pay the legal costs, pledging any monies rewarded would go directly to the unsecured creditors in the bankruptcy suit.

The filing for prejudgment remedy states that Luck repeatedly breached his employment agreement, pointing out factors such as signing “players who had questionable or problematic backgrounds.”

That refers to the signing of Antonio Callaway, who had been suspended by the NFL for violating their substance abuse policy.

The alleged violation by Luck extended to not releasing Callaway from his contract at the direct request from McMahon.

In the filing, there are messages pertaining to the entire process of signing Calloway. Along with other players who did not meet McMahon’s standards.

The other big claim made against Luck was his use of the device given to him by Alpha. Violations include “conducting business for other entities not XFL-related,” and trying to hide them.

Each of these issues are drawn out in the filing, to include each argument, and example that McMahon has of the alleged violations.

The monetary damages that McMahon is seeking, are laid out here:

Luck’s breaches of the Employment Contract caused monetary damages to Alpha. Luck’s failure to follow XFL policies by hiring Antonio Callaway and his disregard of McMahon’s directive to immediately terminate Callaway caused Alpha to suffer a total of $188,176.72 in damages, including $158,950.63 in payments made to Callaway under his contract and $29,226.09 in worker’s compensation payments to Callaway after he suffered his knee injury in practice. In addition, Alpha suffered $384,615.38 in damages for the salary payments made to Luck under the Employment Contract after March 13, 2020 when he effectively abandoned the performance of his duties as the Commissioner and CEO of the XFL.”

The complete filing includes statements from McMahon, internal emails, and text messages questioning the signing of certain players, to and from Luck. Other XFL executives’ messages were also included.

Luck has since been ordered to provide an asset statement, verifying that he can – if held to – pay the $572,790.10 sought after in the counter-suit.

As this case progresses, we will keep you updated.

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