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Will ABC & Fox Play A Role In The New XFL?

In The Rock’s latest Instagram post about the XFL, he is quoted as saying:

“The 🔑 here is finding the right partners who share your vision and ambition to create an awesome experience for the fans.”

Dwayne “The Rock Johnson

This came on the same day that ESPN and Fox were added to the Statement of Financial Affairs (SOFA) in the bankruptcy case. Are they the partners The Rock was referring to? Could be. I’ll try to explain.

Now, I don’t claim to be a legal expert, I have studied this case since it began, and researched a ton. So I apologize for the legal-ese here, it’s just as difficult to write, as it is to read. That said, Fox and ESPN (as well as the WWE) were recently added to part 26(d) of the SOFA.

This section is for:

“26d. List all financial institutions, creditors, and other parties, including mercantile and trade agencies, to whom the debtor issued a financial statement within 2 years before filing this case.”

Statement of Financial Affairs

There was no one listed when it was originally filed. That in itself isn’t unusual, as nondisclosure agreements can keep the debtor from listing the names.

According to the transition agreement, The Rock and Dany just officially took control of everything, so the case is winding down. Now is the time for finalizing all documents.

We know that both Fox and ESPN objected to their contracts being assumed and assigned before the sale. We also know that both networks also said that they weren’t ruling out working with the owners, depending on who they were.

Last season’s games were a big hit on these networks. So it would be beneficial for both sides to continue to work together. This would be huge if they were part of what The Rock was talking about.

The Healthcare contract was re-instated, and we’ve seen both Dany and The Rock have been hard at work with league business. We also just found out that Jeffrey Pollack will stay with the league in some capacity.

The timing of these actions is at the very least curious, and as I said, the legal stuff is hard to explain. But it’s all relevant. It all means something. It’s all progressing.

So stay tuned.

Just like The Rock said recently:

“Some exciting XFL announcements coming up – we’ll keep you posted.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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