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What We Know About The Rumor Around The Orlando Guardians

There were rumblings of potential drama around the Orlando Guardians this week that had nothing to do with their record.

The rumor was allegedly QB Quinten Dormady was involved with some issue with the team’s playbook and was let go. The rumor gained traction when Dov Kleiman of Bro Bible tweeted it to his 136,000 Twitter followers.

What we do know, first Dormady’s stats were not removed as some part of a cover-up.

Second, the team was going with the duo of QB’s Paxton Lynch and Deondre Francois for game two regardless of the outcome of game one. So the notion that this situation had something to do with ‘getting benched’ is also false.

Three, the XFL released the following statement on the matter.

“The League is actively reviewing a personnel issue regarding a player on the Orlando Guardians who was released from the team yesterday afternoon. Additional information on the situation was brought to the attention of the League overnight, and the League has reinstated the player while it conducts a formal investigation into the issue. The situation is under review, and we will share more details regarding the findings as appropriate.”

Finally, Dormady denies all of it and has been reinstated by the XFL. So is this just another one of those internet rumors that got out of hand, or is there something to this? We will have to wait and see.

The Guardians look to get their first win Sunday as they take on the Arlington Renegades at 4 pm ET on FX.

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