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Guardians’ Future in XFL-USFL League Could Hinge on Stadium Upgrade

Key Insights:

  • Major Stadium Upgrade Proposed: A $400 million renovation plan for Camping World Stadium could influence the Orlando Guardians’ status in the XFL-USFL merger.
  • Positive Community Impact: This project aims to revitalize the West Lakes neighborhood, replacing outdated structures with beneficial community facilities.
  • Funding Decisions Pending: Discussions on using tourist-tax funds for the upgrade are ongoing, with outcomes crucial for the stadium’s future and the Guardians’ place in the league.

Orange County Advances Stadium Renovation Plans Amid XFL-USFL Merger Discussions

Orange County Commissioner Mike Scott is advocating for a significant $400 million renovation of Camping World Stadium, a project that could play a crucial role in retaining the Orlando Guardians in the newly merged XFL-USFL league. This proposal gained traction at a recent county commission meeting.

Scott emphasized the broader implications of the stadium’s renovation, not only as a venue for large-scale events but also as a catalyst for transforming the West Lakes neighborhood. He illustrated this by pointing out how the stadium’s presence led to replacing an outdated funeral home with a new early learning center and a health and wellness facility, symbolizing a transition from an end-of-life facility to a center promoting wellbeing and education.

The need for these upgrades is further underscored by the challenging conditions faced by the Guardians. In their 2023 XFL season, the team finished with a 1-9 record and attracted an average of 8,000 spectators per game, under the harsh Florida heat averaging 85 degrees. Our experience at the Guardians vs. Renegades game highlighted the discomfort caused by the intense heat and lack of shade, affecting both players and fans.

However, the funding source for this ambitious renovation remains a topic of debate. In a prior decision, the commissioners allocated the tourist tax revenues, a 6% levy on short-term lodgings like hotels and Airbnb rentals, to other significant projects. This leaves the stadium’s funding in a state of uncertainty. The tax, which had a record-high revenue of $359 million in the fiscal year 2022-23, is a critical component for such developmental projects.

Commissioner Nicole Wilson acknowledged Scott’s compelling case for the stadium but noted that it should have been presented earlier, before the board committed future tourist-tax revenues to other projects. Commissioner Mayra Uribe suggested reassessing the budget for Visit Orlando, the agency responsible for promoting Central Florida’s attractions, as a way to reallocate funds towards the stadium and other initiatives.

The upcoming decision by the board, expected in the near future, is crucial for both the future of Camping World Stadium and the Orlando Guardians. Their participation in the merged XFL-USFL league hinges on this decision, with the stadium’s upgrades potentially being a key determinant. Fans and community members are eager for a resolution that will benefit both the team and the local area.

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