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UFPA in Talks With Players About XFL Bankruptcy Claims

[*UPDATE: The league has reached out and said that the players were paid their salaries plus bonus money up until Week 5.]

The UFPA has been in contact with former XFL players and coaches, to make sure that everyone eligible to file a claim in the bankruptcy case gets the chance to.

Officially, the bar date to file a claim has passed. But the men at the helm, Dragons RB Kenneth Farrow and LB Nick Temple, say an attorney with knowledge of the case has offered some hope.

If the players and coaches were not made aware of the bar date through the memo that was supposed to be sent out, the counselor says they can still file.

It was released in April, that players were still getting paid up until the league shut down on April 9th, but apparently for many, there was still contract money on the table.

That’s where the United Football Players Association comes in. As of now, Farrow estimates that 75% of the players had not filed claims. Most of which had no idea that they could.

Which is understandable. When you hear the business you were working for files for bankruptcy, immediately you think, “they’re broke. I’m not getting paid.”

Many players have moved since the season ended, and if the league didn’t have their forwarding address, the memo could not have reached them.

I only know what a bar date is because I am a research nerd who has thoroughly combed through the public record court documents.

If you are a player or a coach who has yet to file a claim, you must move fast. Contact the UFPA, or me if you follow me on Twitter, and we can get you the information you need.

This is money that was always owed to the players and coaches. We just want to see that everyone gets what they might be owed. Many need it, especially since the virus has limited the job market.

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